I really really want to go UK next year. because...

I make next years plan.

I apply UK's working holiday visa,
When I have big luck, I can get this one.

But this is very difficult, because many people want UK's working holiday visa.
There are only 1,000 people who can get this visa.
however over 10,000 people apply that.

So many young people want to get this visa that we are picked by lot.

I really really want to go UK next year.
because next year UK has very important general election and maybe Referendum about leaving EU will be held in 2016.
This is so exciting democratic historic event.

and for me now English is very important.
Id like to read fluently newspaper and book.
and I want to speak in English in comfort.

Actuary last September I stayed in Scotland a month.
and I got into Scotland.

I love Scottish Kind people, Big nature, and democratic Thinking.
and very easy to travel EU from Scotland.
Therefore, I want go to Scotland.
I pray to Got to give me chance to go to Scotland.

so if unfortunately I couldn't get a UK's visa.
I go to USA. my soul mate work in USA.
I asked him "if I go to USA, can I work with you?"
then he answered " Yes you can come and work with me"
Thank you very much!!

so that means whatever I go to UK or USA in next April.

why in April?
because of we have in Japan national wide local election.
I have friend who run for Legislator.
Id like to help him.

After this election.
I go to abroad anywhere else.

and I learn English very hard.
I need English now I noticed!! too late? no not too late I think so ^_^


My friend has question for Scots about independent referendum.

Dear Scotland's people,

Could you answer his Question?

At the begins of this movie is Japanese.
but soon he asks in English.

His name is Masaaki Yamamoto.

He is one of my respectable friends.

He introduced direct democracy in Japan at first to me.

I was so deeply impressed by his word about that when it was Dec. 2011.

Since that Im completely into direct democracy.

Anyway please watch this video and answer.


I'm in Scotland finally!!!

My dream comes true!!

here is Referendum!

this is Referendum.

Everyone think about own way to live.

Im very very exciting now.

thank you!! :)


I got a friend, who go with me to Scotland.

His name is Yutaro Shimomura.

He is ICU student.

He can speak and understand English much better than me!

Sometimes I can't understand English news paper.
Actuary that is big problem for me.

But now I solve that, because he help me.

He is busy with job hunting.
But he might be able to go to Scotland with me.

Thank you very much Yutaro!

Anyways I go to Scotland, but I don't have much money to go to Scotland.
I am glad if you can bring fundraising to help me through this site.

Sorry only Japanese...
I need 334,000 Japanese Yen till 29th August.


I started crowdfunding

I started crowd funding.
Another man calls these project social funding.
sorry this Homepage is only in Japanese.

I wrote that I go to England and Scotland.

but actually I don't have so much money to go there.

Some people said " You shouldn't go there, 'cause you can't manage yourself"

This is right. but I don't wanna give up.

I will see the historic and important referendum in my eyes.

This is very important for not only Scotland also another country.
For example, Catalunya in Spain, another country in UK, and also republic of the Ryukyus in Japan. 

Not so many people knows that, Scotland is familiar with Japan.

Scotch whisky is known as Best 5 Whisky in the world for Japanese.
Bagpipe and Kilt are also very familiar for Japanese.


I recommend one German Film "Living without Money"

LIVING WITHOUT MONEY - English subtitles from Without Money on Vimeo.

I saw this film "Living without Money"

I was very impressed.

I can understand because I learned English and German.

but much Japanese people can't understand maybe.

so I have two Question.

Do you know this movie with Japanese subtitles?

Do you know someone who can translate to Japanese?

If nobody have already done or nobody want do this.

I want to translate with my friend!

Yes I know my English is not so good.

but I want to share to more another Japanese people.

Could you help me?


Have you ever seen ”Michael Collins"

I didn't know about "Irish War of Independence" actually.

Almost 100 years ago, there was War of Independence.

now a days Scotland hold a referendum to independent.

I hope that it is peaceful and democratic.

It is hard way to independent.

I don't know which way is right way to chose.
I think If over half people want independent, to do so.
This is way in the 21st century.

I have seen already two times.

and I will see tomorrow again.

My boss recommended this movie for me to learn UK histories.

I want to see another one also.

That movie's name is  "The Wind That Shakes the Barley"


I go to UK this September. because..

Actuary I'm journalist about referendum.
This picture was taken two years ago.
My hair was too long and deplorable.... does not matter.
I was in Lithuania to research referendum about new build Nuclear plant.
I'm interested in direct democracy like this.

so I go to UK this September, because I want to research about Scottish independence referendum.

You may know that my English is catastrophe. haha ^^

but I will go there.and I will report about referendum.

I fly to UK on 13th September.
then I go to Edinburgh.
The fateful day is 18th September.
and I fly back to Japan on 24th September.

I can stay in UK only 10 days.
but I'm looking forward to reporting about Scottish historical referendum.

For me this is first time to go UK.
If you know about UK or this referendum.
Please tell me anything.

I need Information anything for example gut Friend, Hotel, newspaper, friendly Japanese... and so on.

thank you very much.


I watched Disney film "Frozen"

I watched this film with friends yesterday.

It was so great.

Many friends recommend me this Film.

It was exactly what I was hoping for.

It was tearjerker.

I want to see it again.

I think that Two heroines are very independent.

I will live like Anna.
She thinks always future.
and she try actively and happily.  

and Elsa said that.
「no right, no wrong, no rules for me I'm free」 
Yes I'm Free.

I love also these music.
"Let it go"and more...


Happy Birthday to me!

this picture is taken by my friend in Germany.

​Today is my Birthday.

I have discuss with my mother today.

She worried about that I ride bicycle to Tokyo even on a rainy day.

therefore I can't go outside today.

I understand that my mother's worry.

but next year... I will go to abroad by bicycle.

That means my mother's worry grows bigger than now.


anyway Today is my Birthday.

My mother made birthday cake for me.

I'm looking forward to eating this cake ^^


My bicycle life!

When I was young my Father bought a blue good looking MTB.

I rode a bicycle everyday.

I trip to Nagatoro with friends when I was 12 years old.

this is my first big trip.

My secound trip is to Fuji in Shizuoka with my father.
Two days long we rode Bicycle.
Fuji stand my grandfather's house.
Always we went to there by car.
and I understood that from Saitama to Shizuoka is very far.

but I got it!

then I thought that  " I can go anywhere I want!! "

after that I rode a bicycle more.

when I was 18 years old my friend enter Uni or tecknical school.

but I traveled east Japan from Saitama to Nagoya and Aomori.

when I was 22, I traveled from Kouchi to Oita.

after one year I trabeled from Saitama to Okayama and back.

My last big trip is in Germany.

Last year summer vacation, I traveled alone while 2 weeks long from Heidelberg to Schoenau im schwarzwald.

this picture is taken in Schoenau.

I slept here with sleeping bag 3 or 4 days.


I bigin English diary.

I write down my diary here.

This is my start worldwide bicycle trip.

I think my English is catastrophe.

but this is indifferent.

I ride bycycle on the earth.

I wanna see what a beautiful WORLD !

I go to abroad next year April or May.

I will speak Englisch much better than now

That's why I keep Diary this way.

and I have also twitter.

Please follow me!!


Thankyou very much.

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