I go to UK this September. because..

Actuary I'm journalist about referendum.
This picture was taken two years ago.
My hair was too long and deplorable.... does not matter.
I was in Lithuania to research referendum about new build Nuclear plant.
I'm interested in direct democracy like this.

so I go to UK this September, because I want to research about Scottish independence referendum.

You may know that my English is catastrophe. haha ^^

but I will go there.and I will report about referendum.

I fly to UK on 13th September.
then I go to Edinburgh.
The fateful day is 18th September.
and I fly back to Japan on 24th September.

I can stay in UK only 10 days.
but I'm looking forward to reporting about Scottish historical referendum.

For me this is first time to go UK.
If you know about UK or this referendum.
Please tell me anything.

I need Information anything for example gut Friend, Hotel, newspaper, friendly Japanese... and so on.

thank you very much.

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