I really really want to go UK next year. because...

I make next years plan.

I apply UK's working holiday visa,
When I have big luck, I can get this one.

But this is very difficult, because many people want UK's working holiday visa.
There are only 1,000 people who can get this visa.
however over 10,000 people apply that.

So many young people want to get this visa that we are picked by lot.

I really really want to go UK next year.
because next year UK has very important general election and maybe Referendum about leaving EU will be held in 2016.
This is so exciting democratic historic event.

and for me now English is very important.
Id like to read fluently newspaper and book.
and I want to speak in English in comfort.

Actuary last September I stayed in Scotland a month.
and I got into Scotland.

I love Scottish Kind people, Big nature, and democratic Thinking.
and very easy to travel EU from Scotland.
Therefore, I want go to Scotland.
I pray to Got to give me chance to go to Scotland.

so if unfortunately I couldn't get a UK's visa.
I go to USA. my soul mate work in USA.
I asked him "if I go to USA, can I work with you?"
then he answered " Yes you can come and work with me"
Thank you very much!!

so that means whatever I go to UK or USA in next April.

why in April?
because of we have in Japan national wide local election.
I have friend who run for Legislator.
Id like to help him.

After this election.
I go to abroad anywhere else.

and I learn English very hard.
I need English now I noticed!! too late? no not too late I think so ^_^


My friend has question for Scots about independent referendum.

Dear Scotland's people,

Could you answer his Question?

At the begins of this movie is Japanese.
but soon he asks in English.

His name is Masaaki Yamamoto.

He is one of my respectable friends.

He introduced direct democracy in Japan at first to me.

I was so deeply impressed by his word about that when it was Dec. 2011.

Since that Im completely into direct democracy.

Anyway please watch this video and answer.

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