My housemate invited me to Christmas lunch!

They are my housemate.
They invited me to Christmas lunch.

 It's really delicious.
This is Mexican food.
We Japanese eat boiled rice only with water.
But they stir-fry with salt at first, then boil with water.

they asked me "do you eat beans?"
I answer "Yes of course, We eat beans tasted by soy-sauce soy-sauce soy-sauce soy-sauce sugar"

That desert is awesome, 
Ingredients are condensed milk. soy milk, sugar, vanilla, peach, corn, walnuts, 
on the top is lemon pie.

Thank you for inviting me.
I really enjoyed with you eating and chatting :)
I will learn more Mexican! 


[Pictures] Merry Christmas from Ireland.

Merry Christmas!



river and houses
colourful door


other door

The winter solstice


Dublin port

strong wind

River and birds

She waits something.

I feel history

Bridge like a harp

a stone pavement

a second hand bookstore


an electric pole


Friends 1

Friends 2
a passage along canal


Irelands Ken meets Dutchmen

Almost 20hours it takes me to Ireland.

Its exhausted for me, I lay dawn on my bed in hostel. But if I now fall in sleep.

I cant recovery from Jetlug. So I took shower, then I refreshed and got power.

After that I talked with two guys of room mate.

Their name is Ryan and Nigel.

They are very friendly and curious men.
Its their first trip alone.

We bought food in super market.
We cook dinner together (Its so delicious).

Netherland allow to smoke marijuana. Its regal over 18 years old.

And one of two people in Netherland have Bicycle!! Its amazing!! I really love to ride bicycle.
I wanna go to there someday, and I ride bicycle ^^


I leave for Ireland today.

Finally today is coming. I leave for Ireland today.
Actually I have much things I should do in Japan. But you know flight don't wait me.

I don't have plan where to live.
I don't have job in Ireland so far.

I feel really exciting! I can't wait to drink Guinnes beer.

If you have anytime, please come to Ireland,,, woops I dont have room for you now.
But we can enjoy drinking Guinnes beer.

And I'm very happy to be in Ireland, where they hold referendum on same-sex marriage.
I'm sure now Ireland is the most interested country for sexcial minority problem. Because they decide about that themselves.

Could you introduce me any good job and room to live?

The dawn of My Ireland life!


Finally I got a visa to stay and work in Ireland!!!!

Finally I got a visa to stay and work in Ireland!

I leave for Ireland the 20th of Dec and stay there about a year till Nov. 2016.

I planned that half a year ago.

Then I bought a ticket and insurance to apply for a visa to Ireland.

I’ve felt uneasiness until today. However finally, I got a visa!!

Why do I choose to go to Ireland?

There are 3 reasons.

1, This year Ireland had a referendum on same sex marriage. I am researching referendums throughout the world since 2011 after Fukushima nuclear power plant disease. So I am concerned about the Irish referendum this year. I want to know what happened at that time.

2. Next Year UK has also a big referendum on "Leaving EU or not”. It is called “Brexi referendum". I'm interested in that referendum too.

3. That is the most biggest reason. I really love Guinness Beer!!! I can't wait to drink Guinness in a traditional Irish pub.

Yes!  I got a visa, the ticket and insurance. Actually I don't have enough money to stay there. So I have to find a job and also a place to live.

When i arrived in Ireland the first thing I will do is travel around Ireland and I will ask in each place that "Do you know of a good job and a place to stay?" Then maybe I can stay in Ireland. Who knows, but I will try.

I worked at a Sushi bar in the U.S for three month. So I have some experience to serve dishes and drinks. Also I love Beer and the atmosphere of pub culture. I'm sure an Irish pub is the best place for me :)

I will go to Germany too. Germany is my second home country. I’ve forgotten a lot of German, but still I love to speak German. I miss my friends, beer, and foods(Especially German bread!!) in Germany. See you soon, guys!! Ich kann nicht warten (I can’t wait)!!

Now I'm so fucking happy to get the visa! Thank you Ireland!


edited by Jack



Who is our enemy. "Paris terror attacks"

Every Japanese news paper report "Paris terror attacks"

Who is our enemy.

Anyone don't wanna be injured or killed by terror.

Then how to solve that kind of terror.

One month ago, new national security legislation to allow Japan to exercise the right to collective self-defense was enacted.

Therefore, we should regard the terror of the neighboring country as a matter of grave national concern.

If we fight against IS, IS must fight against us. It is self-evident.

I think we must not make a mistake that.

Enemy are not IS, Muslims,  immigrant. Of course enemy are not French people who enjoyed music, dinner or soccer in Terrorist situaition.

We have to fight against myself.

" We should kill them before they kill us"
"An eye for an eye"

This is our real enemy. We must fight against our mind of fear and revenge.

Paris terror attacks: Police identify first gunman as hunt for terrorists goes on | via @Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/11996678/Paris-terror-attacks-victims-isil-suspects-Syria-arrests-live.html


Morning Dance! "Timber" by Pitbull

Dear my dancing partner Sim Kalkan, and others.

Good morning our fxxking beautiful world!

Every morning after I get up, take shower, then drink coffee, my power charge Max!

Music to which the body dances freely, I can't stop dancing! Yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

Normally I don't take clothes but today with clothes ^^


Korean another community to hold a referendum on hosting a nuclear plant.

I read article that Korean city Yeongdeok hold a private referendum.

I can't see following news. Do you know a follow-up report on this news?
Im afraid whether hold referendum or not actually.

I can't read Korean. So Japanese or English information is fine.


Unfortunately I come back to Japan. Thank you Iowa.

Unfortunately I come back to Japan. I miss Iowa already.

How describe difference between Japan and Iowa.

I can't say difference between Japan and U.S.

I stay 3 month and only Iowa and 4days stay in Chicago.

I don't wanna describe U.S but I will tell you about what a beautiful Iowa.

I love Iowa many things. But first of all Id like to say about weather.

Iowa's summer is awesome. I stay from 6th July till 4th Oct. I heard that Iowa's winter is terrible. But Summer is awesome not so humid like Tokyo. 5days per week really sunny like that picture. Sometime it comes Thunderstorm even morning. I really enjoyed riding bicycle and studying English.

People are awesome. Iowan are very friendly and kind. I think this is because of Iowa is rural area? When I met someone stranger on the street, they smile for me. naturally I smile back. or say 'Hi' This is very simple. but I feel so happy. Too much people causes disturbing human communication.

I write about Iowa again.


Chris Thank you,

I met Chris at bar. Suddenly he spoke to me, and we talked about each other.

He interested in Japan and world problems. He knows about Okinawa new U.S base in Henoko and Japan security law change these days.

He looks very friendly and funny guy but also very smart and logistic.

Very nice to meet you Chris.


Iowa State Fair!

Iowa State Fair is held 11 days every summer.

There are so many people from Iowa and also other country like me.

Everyday hold different event. For example artist Live, competition, selling handmade things.

Amusement is also available. Small roll coaster, ferris wheel.

Famous food in fair are corn dog, pork chop and chocolate bar.

There is local beer tent. That was really fun. There were hundreds of tap beer. OMG.

I couldn't decide. Then they chose for me good one.

Real Major League!

My Friend Heather introduce me to Chicago Cubs big fun Laura. She invited me to the Cubs game. That was really fun. Cubs 4-0 Milwaukee Cubs won the game. Jake is really good pitcher. He made strike out OMG 11 in that game!! there was 1 Home run. Audience were so excited.

I really enjoyed because of Laura. She told me about Cubs History, Major League and She knows Japanese players too much better than me! Now Im a one of the Cubs fun at last.


I have only 3 weeks left before I go back to Japan.

Finally I got a job as a server. This is my first time to work at restaurant. So I have to learn more. But I'm satisfied now.


"The Bridges of Madison County"

Before I went to Madison County, I saw the movie.

I was so touched because, Robert Kincaid's thinking is similar with me.

He loves all people. He doesn't feel alone. He respects nature.

He don't afraid change, he said...

"Things change. They always do, it's one of the things of nature. Most people are afraid of change, but if you look at it as something you can always count on, then it can be a comfort."

I want to read the novel too.

I love Journey.

Last week I went to Madison country.

The movie named "The bridge of Madison country" is known also in Japan.
Actuary I had never seen before, but I watched when I decide to go Madison country.

It was takes 6 hours by bicycle. Amazing thing is Iowa country has many trail for bicycle and runner. I thought "U.S is more car friendly and less friendly for bicycle." But Iowa has so many good trail. These trails go through the forest and along the river or lake. We can see on the way, dear, squirrel, rabbit and lots of birds. I feel nature and so comfortable.

But basically U.S national road in local area are for cars.
Our bikers have no space to run. So we have to watch out.


this is my life.

My great friend Mickel said to me "if you want to be a good writer you have to write everyday " so I start that.

I'm a writer.


English for Servers

I work at restaurant as a cook or busboy so far.
But I will be a server.

My coworker write for me those sheet for me.
I really surprised and felt very happy. They are so kind. I don't notice that they care about me.

Before seat.
Good morning (afternoon, evening)
How are you?
Thank you for coming.
Hi, my name is Ken. Will be your server today (tonight).

Would you like to sit by the window?

After seat. Drink or appetiser

What can I get for your drink first?

Would you like something else to drink besides water?

May I see your ID?

Are you ready to oder?
May I take your order?

Would you like more wine?

Would you like filtered or unfiltered Sake?


Would you like Miso or chicken soup?

Would you like ginger dressing?

Our vegetarian rolls are ...

Would you like to start with an appetiser?


Would you like more water?

How is everything?
Did you like your rolls? :)
How is tasting so far?
Everything alright?
So far OK?

After dinner.

May I get this out of the way for you?
Are you still working on this?

I will pack for you.
I just want to make a room for you. (Rolls are coming soon)

May I take this plate out of your table.

Would you like to order some desert?

Would you like a box for this?
I can box this for you.


How was everything?

I guess you are finish?

Is there anything else I can get for you?
Can I get you anything else?

Ill be right back for your check then.
I will bring your check.

How would you like the check together or separate?

I'll be back for your change.


Thank you.
Arigato  >_<

No problem.

You are welcome.

Have a great night (day).

Side work

Squeeze the rag.

Clean the table please.

I need help.


Japanese and American Sushi.

I will explain the difference between Japanese and American sushi.

Sushi is the most famous Japanese food in the world.

Japanese style sushi is very simple. A piece of raw fish on a handful of rice, that's it.

Therefore for Japanese sushi, fish, rice and soy sauce must be very important.

On the other hand American sushi is very colourful and fancy.

American sushi is almost rolls not "nigiri" like Japanese sushi.

American sushi uses not only raw fish but also cooked fish, cheese, meat, fruits like avocado, mango and strawberry.

American sushi is usually made with rice paper or soy paper but not seaweed paper. And its sometimes fried.

Because many American people don't like raw fish and seaweed paper.

That is one of the reason why their sushi looks like not Japanese sushi.

Ingredients are naturally important but for American style sushi has another important thing. That is" Sauce"

Sauce means not only soy sauce, but also there are also wasabi, spicy, mayonnaise, mustard, ponzu, eel sauce and so on. Can you imagine? They have many kinds of sauces and those sauces make their sushi looks so beautiful and interesting like art. And sauce is very important thing of taste.

I'm unsure if i have ever seen Japanese sushi made as creatively as American style sushi.

Normally I chose not to eat at sushi restaurants in other countries. But I recommend American sushi for Japanese visitors. It's very delicious and beautiful. I think American sushi is worth to try.

P.S. Do you know "Super white tuna" ? In Japan I've never seen before. I googled. It said in Japan we must not sell this kind of fish. Because the fish is not good for health if people eat much. So I will try little bit. ^ ^


Who am I ? Why am I interested in Referendum?

In Japanese 日本語はこちら
Photo by Jens

My name is Kentaro Oshiba.

My nickname is "Shibaken" This is a famous kind of Japanese dog.Japanese people say their name family name first.so "Oshiba Kentaro" is shorter to "Shibaken"

My family consists of my father, mother, younger sister and a dog named Qoo. My younger sister is married but I'm not yet. My priority nowadays to feel free. I'm free from a girlfriend now.

I'm a traveler and Journalist. I can go anywhere I want to go. I write articles in newspapers, magazines, on the internet and anything that someone offers to me.

I love traveling to many different places and studying different cultures.

I'm interested in political issues especially referendum. This is because, Japan has never held national referendum throughout it's history. In resent years our government has decided on important political issues against popular opinion. For example, they have restarted a nuclear power plant, will join the Trance Pacific Partnership(TPP), will pass security-related legislation and are constructing a new U.S. base in Henoko, Okinawa.

I think government should listen to our citizens' opinion but they ignore us. Not only that, but the present Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe broke our constitution.

I think these problems occur because we don't have a referendum system. If we had a system of referendum, the government couldn't ignore popular opinion like Switzerland. This is because Japanese people don't know what referendum is and what would happen if referendum is held.That's why I've been to several countries where referendum is held. So that I can talk in Japan about how government, media and citizens work.

I'm sure that my reports help Japanese people change their mind. Elections are not the only way to take part in politics. We have other way to decide on important political matters. Demonstration can cause big influence. But it's not a way for all people in Japan to decide and take part.

I love to ride bicycles. I can maybe ride a bicycle all day for my entire life.

My dream is to travel around the world by bicycle.

I traveled by bicycle in Taiwan, Germany, Bulgaria and U.S. This is not yet enough for me. So I want to see this beautiful world with my own eyes and reach those views myself.In order to reach that dream, I make money, I learn English and I train my body everyday.


I love Ben and Jerry's Ice-cream.

I love Ben and Jerry's Ice-cream. = I call Ben and Jerry's Ice-cream "BJI"

There are two reasons.

The first reason is of course it is delicious.

Japanese ice-cream and sweets are I feel not so sweet like BJI.

They are many flavours, like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and sometimes a strange name one.

I love half baked much.


do you know that story?

the second reason, is that they take care of social responsibility.

In Japan BJI cooperate social activities for example ASHOKA, ETIC.

They use fair trade, NON-GMO products.

check it out BIJ homepage.


Finally I was admitted into America.

An immigration officer stopped me to entry formalities.

They took my passport away from me.

Then the other man brought me to another place.

I didn't understand what happen to me.

There were many people over 50.

They had same problem with me.

Immigration officer questioned of work, time in US or marriage.

I asked the immigration officer.

"Where is my passport?
Where is my baggage?
When can I continue?
How long is your question going to take?
because I have a flight that will leave soon."

He answered, "no problem just sit here."

I was so afraid that I wouldn't enter America and would have to return to Japan.

.........then I waited 3 hours.

after that, one of the Immigration officer called my name.

He brought me to another room and ask me some easy questions.

and he stamped passport and I was on my way to America.

Fortunately, I flew out on the last flight on that day.

then finally I met my friend Dokkyo in Des Moines

Hello Des Moines.

I live in his house.
Dokkyo Thank you very much for your hospitality!

Hello America! My American dream has come true!
Immigration is first and highest wall for me.

but I broke through.


I go to U.S to learn English.

I wanna learn English.

Thats why I go to U.S

Anyway that is easy I go.

who knows what happen in U.S.

but I think this world is made of Love and Fear.

Im sure I have always some fear.

but I believe The world and People gives me much Love.

So I will go anywhere I want.

Because of Visa.I can stay in U.S only 3 month.

Time is limited, but possibility is limitless.

I will feel U.S. through my sense.

I stay most of this time at Des moines, State of Iowa.

Because my Friend who invited me "referendum movement in Japan" lives there.

So I visit him. I meet him for the first time in half year.

fortunately Des Moines where Capital city of Iowa is one of the most important city for the presidential election.

wikipedia said

Des Moines is an important city in U.S. presidential politics because it is the capital of Iowa, which is home to the first caucuses of the presidential primary cycle. Hence, many presidential candidates set up campaign headquarters in Des Moines. A 2007 article in The New York Times stated "if you have any desire to witness presidential candidates in the most close-up and intimate of settings, there is arguably no better place to go than Des Moines".

I want to know how they talk about Politic and presidential primaries.
Also I wanna talk about those thema with U.S beautiful women haha ^^

Im so excited to stay in U.S!!

P.S I come back to Japan at 6. Oct 2015
I try to not forget Japanese and German. haha.


I prepare to get the visa for staying in Ireland.

I want to stay in EU next year, because Big referendum is hold in UK on leavening EU.

Why do I stay in Ireland?

because UK visa is very hard to get.

but I haerd that Ireland visa is easier to get.

so what ever I try.

and as you know I'm crazy about Guinness.
I wanna drink that one in Irish pub.

oh my god :)

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