10th Apr. in Taipei. Why thousand people surrounded Legislative Yuen?

Thank you very much Claudia Chu!!

After the gathering. She tells me a lot.

This information is from her.


Taiwanese people have decided to go though the second phase, that is to gather more than 900000 signatures within 6 months

if they do succeeded, after the "referendum committee" (which belongs and constitutes of government people only) verifies this more than 900000 to be effective, then the referendum could be launched.

over 900000, near 1 million. it's basically impossible, but they'll keep on trying anyway.

it took us 10 months to gather 130000 signatures

people in taiwan tend to fear leaving their full personal information due to history

there was a time people disappeared a lot only because they do not agree with the government / they promote democratic ideas from 1949~1992


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