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Interview Lin Fei-fan the lieder of the Sunflower Student movement on 10th April, 2015

On 10th, April. Over 1000 Taiwanese student and peoples surrounded the Legislative Yuen. Because they want revise the raw of referendum and election.

I interviewed Lin Fei-fan the lieder of the Sunflower Student movement.

He answered in Taiwanese. I can't understand Taiwanese.
But Claudia Chu translated for me into English. Thank you so much.

She explained also that "Why thousand Taiwanese people surrounded Legislative Yuen at 10th Apr. 2015?

Q.1 Did you expect that you organized so many student last year?

We didn't expect that many people would follow us during the whole 318 movement (sunflower movement) last year. At the beginning, there were only twenties to thirties discussing over the operation to occupy the Legislative Yuan (the parliament/legislature of Taiwan). So the scale of the operation was only 20-30 people. It was quite beyond our expectations that it turned out to be a demostration participated by more than ten thousand people.(it is said that 500,000 people went to demonstration on 31th, March, 2014) I think the key reason to this massive particapation last year is that democracy development in Taiwan over the last twenty years have encountered a big bottleneck. Many people have got a great deal of discontents for a long time but there has been no way for them to speak until last year, when they finally find a window to express their opinion during our operation and the 318 movement.

Q.2 In Japan there are also many people have active movement.Do you have some massage for them?

Basically in the past we have got less contact with Japanese students and Japanese citizens,but we've always looking forward to opportunities to cooperate with Japanese civic organisations. During the 1960's, there was a prevailing movement in Japan called "Anpo opposition movement"(60年代安保鬪爭). After that, student movements in Japan had gradually become rather passive, but we've always been reminiscing the colour of idealism revealed during processes of Anpo oppsition movement. And we would really hope that Taiwanese movements could make furthur progress to approach civic organisations or student organisations of younger generation movements in Japan in the future, to communicate with each other and hopefully they would have better understanding of Taiwan. In the past, most of the contact of Taiwan and Japan is usually between right-winged parties in each other's country, much less contact between Taiwanese and Japanese left-winged student organisations. We would hope to initiate a different aspect that left-winged organisations would have much more contact with each other.

Q.3 How do you think connection with last years movement between today?

Basically, the most important meaning for us coming back to Legislative Yuan (legislative parliament/lagislature of Taiwan)is that after 318 occupation act ended last year, we've found deficiency of representative democracy in Taiwan, so we resort to reformation of direct democracy, hoping to revise or rectify referendum regulations of Taiwan. The primary proposition of this series of movement today is to call for more citizens to support our request to rectify (unreasonable regulations of) our referendum. Although we did not bring out the request to rectify the referendum during the process of the movement last year, we believe that there are many democracy related reformation should be carried out at current situation. So this is what we hope, to call for more citizens to participate in this act to rectify the referendum regulations through an actual movement like this.

Thank you for Lin Fei-fan, Claudia Chu and all.

Okinawa Henoko constructing problem.

New US base is constructing in Henoko.
They will reclaim the beautiful sea.

The Okinawa's majority people are against this construction and US base.
Therefore The citizen's oppose to construction in non-violence on Land and also Sea.

Our prime minister Shinzo Abe and his party LDP ignore Okinawa's opinion.
and Shinzo Abe declared "Constructing new base is only way to solve dangerous Futenma base problem"

but actually Henoko constructing is not relate with Futenma.

Because They planed already Henoko new base in '60s.
and now Futenma base is too old.

This is not transfer but construct new big base.  

I keep following and reporting this the protest movement.

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