Finally I was admitted into America.

An immigration officer stopped me to entry formalities.

They took my passport away from me.

Then the other man brought me to another place.

I didn't understand what happen to me.

There were many people over 50.

They had same problem with me.

Immigration officer questioned of work, time in US or marriage.

I asked the immigration officer.

"Where is my passport?
Where is my baggage?
When can I continue?
How long is your question going to take?
because I have a flight that will leave soon."

He answered, "no problem just sit here."

I was so afraid that I wouldn't enter America and would have to return to Japan.

.........then I waited 3 hours.

after that, one of the Immigration officer called my name.

He brought me to another room and ask me some easy questions.

and he stamped passport and I was on my way to America.

Fortunately, I flew out on the last flight on that day.

then finally I met my friend Dokkyo in Des Moines

Hello Des Moines.

I live in his house.
Dokkyo Thank you very much for your hospitality!

Hello America! My American dream has come true!
Immigration is first and highest wall for me.

but I broke through.

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