English for Servers

I work at restaurant as a cook or busboy so far.
But I will be a server.

My coworker write for me those sheet for me.
I really surprised and felt very happy. They are so kind. I don't notice that they care about me.

Before seat.
Good morning (afternoon, evening)
How are you?
Thank you for coming.
Hi, my name is Ken. Will be your server today (tonight).

Would you like to sit by the window?

After seat. Drink or appetiser

What can I get for your drink first?

Would you like something else to drink besides water?

May I see your ID?

Are you ready to oder?
May I take your order?

Would you like more wine?

Would you like filtered or unfiltered Sake?


Would you like Miso or chicken soup?

Would you like ginger dressing?

Our vegetarian rolls are ...

Would you like to start with an appetiser?


Would you like more water?

How is everything?
Did you like your rolls? :)
How is tasting so far?
Everything alright?
So far OK?

After dinner.

May I get this out of the way for you?
Are you still working on this?

I will pack for you.
I just want to make a room for you. (Rolls are coming soon)

May I take this plate out of your table.

Would you like to order some desert?

Would you like a box for this?
I can box this for you.


How was everything?

I guess you are finish?

Is there anything else I can get for you?
Can I get you anything else?

Ill be right back for your check then.
I will bring your check.

How would you like the check together or separate?

I'll be back for your change.


Thank you.
Arigato  >_<

No problem.

You are welcome.

Have a great night (day).

Side work

Squeeze the rag.

Clean the table please.

I need help.

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