Chris Thank you,

I met Chris at bar. Suddenly he spoke to me, and we talked about each other.

He interested in Japan and world problems. He knows about Okinawa new U.S base in Henoko and Japan security law change these days.

He looks very friendly and funny guy but also very smart and logistic.

Very nice to meet you Chris.


Iowa State Fair!

Iowa State Fair is held 11 days every summer.

There are so many people from Iowa and also other country like me.

Everyday hold different event. For example artist Live, competition, selling handmade things.

Amusement is also available. Small roll coaster, ferris wheel.

Famous food in fair are corn dog, pork chop and chocolate bar.

There is local beer tent. That was really fun. There were hundreds of tap beer. OMG.

I couldn't decide. Then they chose for me good one.

Real Major League!

My Friend Heather introduce me to Chicago Cubs big fun Laura. She invited me to the Cubs game. That was really fun. Cubs 4-0 Milwaukee Cubs won the game. Jake is really good pitcher. He made strike out OMG 11 in that game!! there was 1 Home run. Audience were so excited.

I really enjoyed because of Laura. She told me about Cubs History, Major League and She knows Japanese players too much better than me! Now Im a one of the Cubs fun at last.


I have only 3 weeks left before I go back to Japan.

Finally I got a job as a server. This is my first time to work at restaurant. So I have to learn more. But I'm satisfied now.


"The Bridges of Madison County"

Before I went to Madison County, I saw the movie.

I was so touched because, Robert Kincaid's thinking is similar with me.

He loves all people. He doesn't feel alone. He respects nature.

He don't afraid change, he said...

"Things change. They always do, it's one of the things of nature. Most people are afraid of change, but if you look at it as something you can always count on, then it can be a comfort."

I want to read the novel too.

I love Journey.

Last week I went to Madison country.

The movie named "The bridge of Madison country" is known also in Japan.
Actuary I had never seen before, but I watched when I decide to go Madison country.

It was takes 6 hours by bicycle. Amazing thing is Iowa country has many trail for bicycle and runner. I thought "U.S is more car friendly and less friendly for bicycle." But Iowa has so many good trail. These trails go through the forest and along the river or lake. We can see on the way, dear, squirrel, rabbit and lots of birds. I feel nature and so comfortable.

But basically U.S national road in local area are for cars.
Our bikers have no space to run. So we have to watch out.


this is my life.

My great friend Mickel said to me "if you want to be a good writer you have to write everyday " so I start that.

I'm a writer.

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