Korean another community to hold a referendum on hosting a nuclear plant.

I read article that Korean city Yeongdeok hold a private referendum.

I can't see following news. Do you know a follow-up report on this news?
Im afraid whether hold referendum or not actually.

I can't read Korean. So Japanese or English information is fine.


Unfortunately I come back to Japan. Thank you Iowa.

Unfortunately I come back to Japan. I miss Iowa already.

How describe difference between Japan and Iowa.

I can't say difference between Japan and U.S.

I stay 3 month and only Iowa and 4days stay in Chicago.

I don't wanna describe U.S but I will tell you about what a beautiful Iowa.

I love Iowa many things. But first of all Id like to say about weather.

Iowa's summer is awesome. I stay from 6th July till 4th Oct. I heard that Iowa's winter is terrible. But Summer is awesome not so humid like Tokyo. 5days per week really sunny like that picture. Sometime it comes Thunderstorm even morning. I really enjoyed riding bicycle and studying English.

People are awesome. Iowan are very friendly and kind. I think this is because of Iowa is rural area? When I met someone stranger on the street, they smile for me. naturally I smile back. or say 'Hi' This is very simple. but I feel so happy. Too much people causes disturbing human communication.

I write about Iowa again.

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