Finally I got a visa to stay and work in Ireland!!!!

Finally I got a visa to stay and work in Ireland!

I leave for Ireland the 20th of Dec and stay there about a year till Nov. 2016.

I planned that half a year ago.

Then I bought a ticket and insurance to apply for a visa to Ireland.

I’ve felt uneasiness until today. However finally, I got a visa!!

Why do I choose to go to Ireland?

There are 3 reasons.

1, This year Ireland had a referendum on same sex marriage. I am researching referendums throughout the world since 2011 after Fukushima nuclear power plant disease. So I am concerned about the Irish referendum this year. I want to know what happened at that time.

2. Next Year UK has also a big referendum on "Leaving EU or not”. It is called “Brexi referendum". I'm interested in that referendum too.

3. That is the most biggest reason. I really love Guinness Beer!!! I can't wait to drink Guinness in a traditional Irish pub.

Yes!  I got a visa, the ticket and insurance. Actually I don't have enough money to stay there. So I have to find a job and also a place to live.

When i arrived in Ireland the first thing I will do is travel around Ireland and I will ask in each place that "Do you know of a good job and a place to stay?" Then maybe I can stay in Ireland. Who knows, but I will try.

I worked at a Sushi bar in the U.S for three month. So I have some experience to serve dishes and drinks. Also I love Beer and the atmosphere of pub culture. I'm sure an Irish pub is the best place for me :)

I will go to Germany too. Germany is my second home country. I’ve forgotten a lot of German, but still I love to speak German. I miss my friends, beer, and foods(Especially German bread!!) in Germany. See you soon, guys!! Ich kann nicht warten (I can’t wait)!!

Now I'm so fucking happy to get the visa! Thank you Ireland!


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Who is our enemy. "Paris terror attacks"

Every Japanese news paper report "Paris terror attacks"

Who is our enemy.

Anyone don't wanna be injured or killed by terror.

Then how to solve that kind of terror.

One month ago, new national security legislation to allow Japan to exercise the right to collective self-defense was enacted.

Therefore, we should regard the terror of the neighboring country as a matter of grave national concern.

If we fight against IS, IS must fight against us. It is self-evident.

I think we must not make a mistake that.

Enemy are not IS, Muslims,  immigrant. Of course enemy are not French people who enjoyed music, dinner or soccer in Terrorist situaition.

We have to fight against myself.

" We should kill them before they kill us"
"An eye for an eye"

This is our real enemy. We must fight against our mind of fear and revenge.

Paris terror attacks: Police identify first gunman as hunt for terrorists goes on | via @Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/11996678/Paris-terror-attacks-victims-isil-suspects-Syria-arrests-live.html


Morning Dance! "Timber" by Pitbull

Dear my dancing partner Sim Kalkan, and others.

Good morning our fxxking beautiful world!

Every morning after I get up, take shower, then drink coffee, my power charge Max!

Music to which the body dances freely, I can't stop dancing! Yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

Normally I don't take clothes but today with clothes ^^

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