My housemate invited me to Christmas lunch!

They are my housemate.
They invited me to Christmas lunch.

 It's really delicious.
This is Mexican food.
We Japanese eat boiled rice only with water.
But they stir-fry with salt at first, then boil with water.

they asked me "do you eat beans?"
I answer "Yes of course, We eat beans tasted by soy-sauce soy-sauce soy-sauce soy-sauce sugar"

That desert is awesome, 
Ingredients are condensed milk. soy milk, sugar, vanilla, peach, corn, walnuts, 
on the top is lemon pie.

Thank you for inviting me.
I really enjoyed with you eating and chatting :)
I will learn more Mexican! 


[Pictures] Merry Christmas from Ireland.

Merry Christmas!



river and houses
colourful door


other door

The winter solstice


Dublin port

strong wind

River and birds

She waits something.

I feel history

Bridge like a harp

a stone pavement

a second hand bookstore


an electric pole


Friends 1

Friends 2
a passage along canal


Irelands Ken meets Dutchmen

Almost 20hours it takes me to Ireland.

Its exhausted for me, I lay dawn on my bed in hostel. But if I now fall in sleep.

I cant recovery from Jetlug. So I took shower, then I refreshed and got power.

After that I talked with two guys of room mate.

Their name is Ryan and Nigel.

They are very friendly and curious men.
Its their first trip alone.

We bought food in super market.
We cook dinner together (Its so delicious).

Netherland allow to smoke marijuana. Its regal over 18 years old.

And one of two people in Netherland have Bicycle!! Its amazing!! I really love to ride bicycle.
I wanna go to there someday, and I ride bicycle ^^


I leave for Ireland today.

Finally today is coming. I leave for Ireland today.
Actually I have much things I should do in Japan. But you know flight don't wait me.

I don't have plan where to live.
I don't have job in Ireland so far.

I feel really exciting! I can't wait to drink Guinnes beer.

If you have anytime, please come to Ireland,,, woops I dont have room for you now.
But we can enjoy drinking Guinnes beer.

And I'm very happy to be in Ireland, where they hold referendum on same-sex marriage.
I'm sure now Ireland is the most interested country for sexcial minority problem. Because they decide about that themselves.

Could you introduce me any good job and room to live?

The dawn of My Ireland life!

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