My view of "Renunciation of War"

Last month, I got a chance to speak for public about Japanese Constitution "article 9(Renunciation of War)"

Article 9.Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.
In order to accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph, land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained. The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized.(http://kaigaikiji.com/?p=1521)

Personally opinion about Article 9.

I don't want to attack anyone. 
I don't want to kill anyone, and I don't want to be killed by someone. 
It doesn't make sense killing one to save precious. The one is surely precious to someone.

I will run away from a battle, if I can't avoid the situation, I will fight without weapons like Gandhi. "non-violence and civil disobedience." 

Obviously, our constitution says so. I totally agree with that. However, we have a huge self-defence force. They are sent to Sudan as PKO. The essential part of Article 9 has already killed. 

Our Self-defence forces are unconstitutional.

The experts in the law said "Self-defence forces" are unconstitutional but Japanese governments have recognised it is constitutional for a long time.
We have the constitution "renunciation of war". However, Japan has the force and the right of collective self-defences. The constitutional irregular is awful deception in Japan.

Should Japan change the article 9?

I believe that our exist Constitution is great, but as realistic we have already forces and majority of Japanese accept self-defence forces and many Japanese people support them, so we should change the constitution. Additionally, we should put the world "Japan doesn't have the right of collective self-defence" because the majority don't want to have it. Anyway, I believe this is a referendum matter.

The Draft of the Revision of the Constitution done by the Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrats are Japanese ruling party for a long time after WW2.

Article 9. Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation, and cease the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.
2. The provisions in the preceding paragraph shall not prevent from exercising the right to self-defense.
(National Defense Force)
Article 9(2). In order to ensure peace and independence as well as for the safety of Japan and the Japanese people, we shall possess the National Defense Force under the prime minister as commander-in-chief.
2. When carrying out tasks provided under the provisions in the preceding paragraph, National Defense Force shall be subject to Diet approval and other controls as required by law.
3. Besides the activities to perform the duties provided in paragraph 1, the National Defense Force shall conduct internationally cooperative activities in order to ensure peace and safety, as well as maintain public order or protect to the lives and freedom of the Japanese people, as required by law.
4. Besides the provisions defined in the preceding two paragraphs, matters concerning the National Defense Force establishment, regulations and security protection shall be established by law.
5. In order to deal with crimes, pertaining to duty or confidential matters of the National Defense Force, which are committed by National Defense Force service members or other public officials, the military court shall be established in the National Defense Force. In this instance, the defendant's right of appeal to the normal court must be guaranteed. (http://www.asuno-jiyuu.com/2013/11/blog-post.html)

The draft allows to fight against others or other countries to save our sovereign and independence. I don't want to keep anything with attacking someone. We need to change the "article 9", but I don't agree the "Liberal Democrats'" at all.
Therefore I suggest pre-changing constitutional referendum like Newzealand's new flag referendum. At first, we vote which one is the best draft of amending constitutions from few drafts which written by governments or citizens and so on, then, at last, the most popular one is competition on the referendum. It takes a long time, and a bit complicated, but it's the best way to listen to the opinion of Japanese.


I launched new CrowdFanding for our new book.

In 2014, I reported Scottish "Independent" referendum. At that time, I was supported by the people who donated on the crowdfunding site. Thank you very much for all.

Then last 2 years, I researched Irish "Gay Marriage" referendum, and "Brexit" referendum in the U.K in the field.

Last week I launched new crowdfunding for a new book "Referendum around the world for Japanese" I'm a member of the writers. I read many books about referendums these days.

I think the book is critical not only for Japanese but also others because now the days, I'm pretty sure that many people think "I know the truth but others don't know it or just must be lied to." That kind of people doesn't feel sympathy for other sides. Typical examples are "Brexit" and "Trump". Individuals who chose "Brexit" or "Trump" have the reason where they stand on their ground. Democracy is based on the thought "We are all different people, and everyone has the same power for politic. However, people can say easily "Populism". Politicians must not infringe minorities human rights, but they should think for wide range happiness or benefits. Democracy is totally working in U.K and U.S at a minimum. If people may make a mistake, it sometimes happens. This is a human being but don't forget "I respect your opinion, so Please accept my opinion. We live together on the same planet. Let's discuss which is the best way for us."

Anyway, I felt that referendum makes people more powerful for politics. That's I want to do it in Japan.

The book I wrote is written by only Japanese so far. The crowdfunding site is also only in Japanese. Sorry about that. I will absolutely publish it translate to English someday.



Public discussion about the rule of the referendum in nationwide Japan.

Open discussion about the rule of the referendum in nationwide Japan.

On 12th Dec, The public discussion was held in the member's hall of the House of Councilors. I took part in it. Hajime Imai has appealed necessity of improving the raw for a referendum. The journalist, doctors, movie director, professors about of media or law, the member of the House of Councilors discussed how we should improve the referendum law.

Japan has very strict law, particularly for the election. For example, under the existing law, people can't visit from door-to-door for the election but, for a referendum, people can do it. That is to say, a referendum law is much better than the election law.

However, the law has still some problems. At first, we should put the limit how much people or political party can use the money for the campaign. Under the existing law, No one can broadcast the campaign commercial on a TV for 14days before the polling day. However, until 15days before, there is no limit spending money or commercial on the TV.

We should preserve freedom of expression, but we should also retain fairness for each side. So we should avoid the result influenced by spending how much money. We require the limits how much people or political parties allow to spend money like the UK. For example, Conservative can spend 7m pounds, labour 5.5m which limits depend on the proportion of last voters polled.

TV commercials are allowed until 15days before the polling day, but advertisements on the internet are no regulation.

Open discussion was held about the rule of the referendum in nationwide Japan. At that time, in 2007, when the referendum law was passed, the politician doesn't care about the internet well. Nowadays, commercial on the internet are even more important than TV. We also require a regulation for it.

Some Japanese think that we need many people's concern to change our constitution. Therefore, they need minimum voting rate. However, the minimum voting rate may cause boycott. We must avoid a boycott at least.

A member of the House of Councillors Mitsuru Sakurai promised us to submit our requirement to the diet with other politicians.


I will talk on the internet site.

I will talk 2 hours for this site,


I'm on from 15minute, but sorry it's only in Japanese.


Have not you started AmazonPrime yet?

Amazon Prime!
I knew it, but I had not used it for a long time, but when I came back to Japan, I started "Amazon Prime" What a fantastic offer!

I can't believe that it costs only 11 dollars for a month including movie and music streaming, and Free Shipping.

You can choose and watch any titles as you want.
I quit illegal movie site. Now I have enough amount of films here. I think it's worth that you can watch Movies only for 11 dollars. If you are movie freak, it's not good for you, but for the other people, that's fine with me.

I was really surprised when Apple music launched. I wrote about my surprising, but now I quit Apple music. Because almost same service you can get in Amazon music beside service of Amazon prime.

Free shipping
You can get shipping service for free. Just you see the products and click it then you can get it the even same day! OMG, what a convenient nowadays.

I quit, apple music, I stop paying for Movie, I don't care for shipping fee anymore.
Amazon Prime also has free unlimited photo storage. Because of Amazon Prime, I can save money around 60 dollars a year.

You can get 30 days free trial from here ↑ 

I should start earlier, but no later, I'm happy to meet "Amazon Prime."
※Sorry the site is for U.S residents.


"Referendum around the world for Japanese"

I research and report about the referendums mainly in Europe countries for 5 years. I came back to Japan last month, now I started publishing project "Referendum around the world for Japanese" We Japanese are facing the first referendum in nationwide in our history. We should learn about world's referendums before taking place it.

I got a chance to write a report for a book which my respectful journalist Hajime Imai's.


We will publish a book of "Referendums around the world for Japanese".

Hello, We are the Member of Publishing "Referendum around the world for Japanese" Committee. Alcohol policy, Nuclear, Conscription, EU, Immigration, Same-sex marriage... There are over 2500 referendums which have already done in the world. However, in Japan, it has never done ever in our history. Therefore Japanese people don't know well about the philosophy, rule or precedents. We will explain for Japanese many real cases of referendums in the world. We publish this book without publishing company.

◆Who we are?

We set up a committee to publish and spread the book "Referendum around the world for Japanese". There are over 30 people who are, lawyer, office worker, professor, theatre owner, artist, designer and so on. We think we should make use of direct democracy such as a referendum for local and even in Nationwide.

◆We want to realise....

Foreign countries have held referendums quite an important theme, for example, about "EU" in UK, France and Netherland, and "Nuclear" in Switzerland, Italy, and Sweden. Especially Switzerland used the referendums for making the decision about "Conscription" and "Immigration" and "Tube baby". These are just some samples. These things are not known well for Japanese. Therefore, we will introduce the list of 500 referendums of 2500 referendums which have already done in the world. We choice about 30 referendums, then introduce it concretely. About 15 cases which Hajime Imai and Kentaro Oshiba did field work are presented specifically with Poster, ballot paper.

◆Why we start the project.

The typical image of a referendum for Japanese is "Populism" or "denial of parliamentary democracy" Japanese don't know how the referendum is used. The knowledge how managed the referendums help Japanese to face the first referendum. We will publish not through any publishing company because we will show and explain about quite a critical opinion for all Japanese. That means the publishing company doesn't want to take the risk of complaints which we want to say. Always publishing company told us, "Please change the word more affable" or "We can't publish the book" like that. We will give our opinion without reserve. So that's why The book will be published by us directly.

◆The book will be released in Jun 2017.

We will publish in the English too but tt this moment in time only in Japanese. Sorry. 


A politician sometimes makes a mistake, we people also make too. The problem of the indirect democracy, the government won't sometimes follow the opinion which majority people expect. Then "the sovereign power resides with the people" remains only in name. An extraordinarily important decision for the country, people should learn and participate in the process of deciding such as a referendum. Many Japanese have forgotten the power to change. There is a referendum which Japanese can use if we know it well. 


Referendum Report Log

Report Log, All Photos by Kentaro Oshiba

Tokyo "Nuclear" referendum initiative

A public debate of "Nuclear" in Tokyo.

Osaka City "Nuclear" referendum Initiative.

They collected signatures in the cold weather.

Niigata "Nuclear" referendum Initiative

Young Ladies campaigned the Initiative.

Lithuania "Nuclear" Referendum.

Before polling day, I asked Lithuanian to go to vote.

Maki town in Niigata "New Nuclear Construction" referendum.

The centre of the picture is Sasaguchi former mayor of Maki town.

Bulgaria "Nuclear" referendum.

On the left is Against new nuclear power plant, On the other side is pro new one.

Switzerland "Revision of the fee of a Motorway."

Switzerland has referendums four times a year and each time has 3 or 4 themes.

Berlin in Germany "Reccommunalization of Berlin Nets" Referendum.

Obviously, A great number of Berliner supported Re-communalization, but the referendum failed due to insufficient voter turnout.

Schoenau in Germany"The Contract with Electric factory in Schoenau" referendum. 

With Mr.Sladek und Mrs Sladek who made every possible effort to establish The electronic factory in Schoenau.

Iga city in Mie prefecture "Maintenance City Hall" referendum.

They set the minimum turnout for 50% then people gave up at the beginning.

Scotland "Independent" referendum.
Many Scots wanted to independent from the UK, Looking just like Independent but they decided to remain. The picture is the day before polling day in Glasgow.

Yonaguni town in Okinawa "Constructing new Japanese base" referendum.

It was too late to hold a referendum, Already Constructing started.

Osaka city "Metropolis plan" referendum.

The plan was rejected by a very narrow margin.

Yawatahama City "Nuclear" referendum.

One-third people in Yawatahama wanted to hold a referendum but, a town assembly rejected citizens petition. The politician should step down from the Assembly because they don't want to listen to people's voice.

Tokorozawa "Installing Air conditioners for Elementary school" referendum.

Iruma City where is next to Tokorozawa had a Japanese self-defence army base. Some of Elementary schools are too loud to study, so they have to close the windows it will be very hot in summer. They need Air-conditioners. Majority people supported for installing it for Elementary school.

Ireland "Same-Sex-Marriage" referendum.

The first referendum of "Same Sex maridge" in the world. Even Ireland is a strongly Catholic country, Irish people improved Minority rights.

The UK "Brexit" referendum.

Only a few people expected the result, but it happened. Majority UK people want to leave the EU. Remainer did a demonstration on the weekend after the referendum, but unfortunately, it was too late.

Presidential Election in U.S.A.
Hillary's speech in Iowa states.

Taiwan "Sunflower movement." 

Takae Okinawa election "Constructing New helipad."
One of them was against the helipad, and the other admit it. The result is that People accept the helipad won. Now in Takae, the constructing it by force even local residents strongly against it.

28th Nov. 2016


I will hitchhike from Osaka to Tokyo on 2,3 Dec.

Recently days I stay in Osaka as a writer by a Journalist who I respect. I will go back to Tokyo 2nd or 3rd Dec. Could anybody take me to Tokyo from Osaka? I can't spend money to take a train; I'm not rich well. Instead of money I can talk funny story and Adventure story about Hitchhiking around the UK. I can take care of children. I will listen to your story. I can write the blog about you if you want.

When I can't find anyone, I will start hitchhiking from Suita SA to Tokyo on 2nd Dec.What happens we will see.


I talked about "Referendum"

I talked about referendums which I interviewed. Thank you for coming to our talk live in Osaka.


He who is journalist sits by my right side. He is Hajime Imai. He taught me about the referendum and How to be a journalist. 

We talked about world's referendum trend and problems for 2 hours.
We also talked about EU referendum we interviewed there together.

We Japanese will face the first referendum in our history.
I think we should know another countries referendums and discuss it more.

My old friends came to our event. I was so happy to meet them again. I left about one year ago but, I haven't seen them for a long time. One of them is a man who picked me up on Hitchhiking. Some of them want a referendum about Nuclear power plant with me. One of them met in Ireland, who travelled around Ireland. One of them is a man who always talked about rubbish topics.

On the day only I spoke but, next time I will listen what you are doing. I was so happy to talk about referendums. Also, it is really important for recent Japanese.


Our Dog Qoo passed away.

This evening our dog Qoo was gone.

When I was the 2nd grade in Junior high school, my sister brought a puppy. At that time, we have already a dog named Ariel. So we thought we couldn't take care two dogs at the same time. However, my sister entreated to have the puppy. My parents couldn't say "No" for her appeal.

The dog was named "Qoo" by my sister. Bear is called "KUMA" in Japanese. A puppy looked like a teddy bear, so "Qoo" is named after Kuu.

Qoo was growing up bigger and bigger, we didn't know how big she would be, we didn't know which kind of dog she is. We didn't know how her parents look like either. We thought "Does she looks like Shepard?" we braced ourself for a big dog. Fortunately, her growth stopped after a while.

She has older sister called Ariel

Ariel was sickly but, Qoo came to our house, They played together, and Ariel received energy. I believe Ariel lived long because of Qoo.

Qoo was always full of vitality since I met her even 15 years old. I doubted she was getting older. Since one month ago, She couldn't eat food well. She was not able to walk. At last, she couldn't stand herself. This evening her breath became weaker and weaker then she died of old age. She was 16 years old.

She was loved by my friends.
She often found something to eat in the park or on the street.

I took a nap by her this afternoon. Sometimes I thought that it's tiresome to take a walk with her, but now I miss her so much. I love her. I enjoyed life with her. Thank you very much. Only tonight I can stay by her. She will go to a crematory.

Have a good sleep Qoo.
You can be by Ariel. You will go to the same graveyard.
You will see Ariel there again after a long time.


The UK's EU referendum Questionnaire.

I took questionnaires in London, Canterbury, Oxford, Boston in England and Glasgow, Edinburgh in Scotland. 69 people answered. I received the questionnaires in one month with polling day in between.

The questionnaire has five questions.
1, Do you agree that there should be a referendum about Britain leaving the EU.

Agree 47 (68%)
Public wanted one.
We should decide.
I don't want to do, but people want.

Disagree 22 (32%)
David Cameron used the referendum for the election the conservative party.
Not necesaly to do it.

People who checked "Disagree" all remained voters. They say "We don't need the referendum", but lever wanted it. David Cameron promised referendum already in 2013. At that time the opinion poll told us many people thought about Brexit more than people who would stay in EU.

2Do you think that the way the referendum is run is fair to both sides?
Fair 41 (63%)
Everyone had a voice free to vote.

Unfair 24 (37%)
Media biased toward the government.
Leave campaign was misinformed.
The government spent a lot of money for leaflets.

41 people answered fair, but 24 people responded "unfair". The reason people checked Unfair, I  understand. I believe BBC, Guadian, and Financial times are obviously pro remain. However "The Independent," told that "National press biased in favour of Brexit, says study Of the articles analysed 45 percent were in favour of leaving the EU while 27 percent were in favour of staying" Basically, I don't expect impartial for the media. We should understand that each media has their stance. Who can Judge neutral or partial objectively? It's impossible.

Brexit campaigner told that "If the UK left the EU, We could spend £350m-a-week for NHS" However it was misinformation.

On the other hand, David Cameron told that "We keep the immigrants under 100 thousand per year", but in May 2015 the fact is turned out that the net immigrants increased 330 thousand.

The government sent a leaflet about "The information for Remain" to all the houses in the UK. It cost 9.3 million. Many people criticised it. I agree on it.

3 What was the most important thing that made you want to vote?
・I believe UK is better in the EU.
・I really like the rights the EU gave to people such as workers rights etc..
・I want to change the country.
・Because of Democracy.

4What information source had greatest influence on your decision.
(Check up to 3 boxes)

The most influenced information source is Internet. In order TV news, Discussions on TV programs, Newspapers or Magazines, By word of mouth from family, friends or neighbours.

The result is as I expected predictably. However, I was surprised that the people who checked "Other" filled like that "my own opinion.""My experience." and so on. I felt that it is a kind of British thinking. People 9 of 69 (13%) who answered so, they proud of their opinion. They don't want to be influenced by someone or environment. I remembered the word of Boris Johnson, "Take back control" he knew the British mind.

5If you don't mind, please indicate how you voted?

Mostly I took an interview in London, so that's why Remainer is much more than Leaver. About two third People who voted "remain" don't  disagree the referendum. After the referendum, a huge demonstration held in London.

"March for Europe" Post referendum huge demonstration in London

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