I start to work at the Best hostel in Ireland.

Hey guys! I dont write blog in english for long time. So sorry about that.

Many people are looking for reading my blog, I hope so. haha ^^

Anyway, I moved to Galway from Dublin. Because, for me Dublin is too much people and transportations. Off course I love to visit Dublin but not to live.

So I search good place to live around Ireland with my friends. Then finally I found the place to live.

Here is Galway. People are so kind, not so big town, Music is awesome. I really love here.

Fortunately I got a work at Kinlay hostel, here is the best hostel in Ireland.

First time I came here, The Stuff are so kind, and cheerful, I thought I really want work there.

Heres worker are so interesting and funny!!! They open mind. They come from U.S., Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria South Korea and so on. what a international!

Two days ago we had birthday party. We enjoyed singing songs, playing cards and games. That was really awesome time. I go to bed at 12 AM but The others went out to pub!

Our accommodation is not so big, not so clean. So I feel going back to student. 

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