I visit my friend in Loughrea.

I visit my friend in Loughrea.

His name is Brendan.

He hosted me for 4 days. It was really interested days.

I dont have acomodation so far, then he helped me.

He has been in Japan last year for "3 month"!

He loves Japanese an amusement park, especially "Fujikyu"

Loughrea is near by Galway. It takes 3 hours from Dublin by Bus.

It was really good way, I saw big pastures covered beautiful green grass. And there were horse, cattle and sheep. It is that I expected in Ireland. Dublin is busy city, not like Tokyo, but here Dublin is too much for me.

So Loughrea is the city where kind of I like, Not so big city, There are no Japanese people. (I know Chinese are anywhere) There is bakery baking delicious bread every day. There is also good atmosphere pub serving perfect Guinness.

With him, I watched movie named "Castle in the sky" its Japanese very famous one directed by Hayao miyazaki.

He guided me to local old castle. It was amazing, I like ruins something house or others.

At surprise, He said to me " If you need a place to stay you can come here" Its really helpful. I feel so Happy and thank you very much Brendan!

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