Japanese & Irish Social Group in Dublin.

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland.
When I walk in Dublin, I meet many people from foreign countries, but I meet just a few Japanese people.

But we who speak Japanese gather every Wednesday at 19:00 in "Yamamori Tengu".

This gathering is called "Japan Ireland Social Group (JISG) ". It's a really important gathering for Japanese People.

Even when it was Christmas, New-year season, over 30 participants came, but normally over 70 people come.

The people who come to JISG very kind and helpful. They taught me about work, accommodations, where I should travel to and recommending movies. I asked them about the referendum which allowed same sex marriages that happened last year.

That gathering is for me great experience. Thank you for accepting me. And I will move to somewhere out of Dublin. So see you again guys ^^

edited by Jack!

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