my first couchsurfing "its really awesome"

I hosted couch-surfer onetime at Higashimatsuyama my hometown.

And now I used couchsurfing as a guest. My host is Romanian lady at Dublin.

We met at a cafe near by the place where we stay.

She is awesome, She is very friendly, and very helpful. She prepared my room to live and all of my food, even her work was so busy! Her hospitality is amazing.

I am looking for job. She helped me very much, She lives in Dublin for 2 years, She told me how to get PPS number(for foreigners required to get that before starting work) took care of my next accommodation  and  She knows good shop and restaurant. She invited me to the oldest "fish and chips" shop, and "vegan indian" restaurant.

Both of them were really match for me. I felt Irish traditional food, and vegan food. She knows Im a vegetarian.

At night we drink beer or some other Alcohol little bit together, I enjoyed that too.

The room for me was wonderful,  single room, two beds, table and two chair. But I didn't know that She payed the rooms fee for me. I really surprised that. She said to me " You can stay more". Its good suggestion for me, Because I dont have house to live. But I cant pay 25 euro per night, and I dont wanna her pay for me.

So I moved to Hostel. She is so kind and really helped me much, my first Couch-surfing was awesome. She is shy, so I cant write her name and picture, but I really appreciate her, She learns Japanese, so I can help her anything her need.

Thank you very much.

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