[Pictures] Yakushima Islanda 2015

a mushroom

the highest mountain in Kyushu. 1936m
I love that kind of straight road
Ice-cream at Soraumi(sky sea)
Host mother and Father! Thank you for great experience in Yakushima.

Yakushima is world nature heritage.

My friends parents live there. So I visited them in last October for 6days. I climbed mountain. I rode bicycle around Yakushima, it takes about 100km, I didn't know that Yakushima so big is. It was really steep way, but I enjoyed beautiful nature, sky and mountains. I met deer and monkeys. They are so pretty. Every single day in Yakushima I walk, ride a bicycle and climb mountains, then I got tired evening, but when I get up following morning, I go outside, I feel power of nature. Then I can travel Yakushima again. That was wonderful experience for me.


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