【1351€】How much I spend money for first month in Ireland.

I am asked from people who want to come to Ireland with working holiday visa like me "how much I need to stay in Ireland." 

Ummm..  Its a good question.  OK I calculate and I show you my expense from 21st Dec. till 31st Jun. It is almost 40days.

Hostel and Accommodation charges 210€

First of stay, I arrived in Ireland, I lived at single room where I found at BBS in Dublin. It costed 100Euro for 10days. After that I use sometimes hostel. Sometime I slept at bus station. My kind friends invited me to their house. And couch surfing helped me. Now Im in Galway I live at workers dormitory at Kinlay hostel. So I don't have to pay for Accommodation. It’s really lower cost than usual.

Traveling expense 43€

I was interviewed, I visited friends, and I come to Galway by bus. I wanna get bicycle and makes traveling expense nearly 0€.

Food expenses 123€

Almost everyday I cook myself, I buy local and organic if it is possible. I try to be a vegetarian. basically I make sandwich, soup, pasta and salad besides BEER!!

Restaurant and bar 87€

I go out often to drink fucking awesome Guinness. Sometime I eat out with friend. But actually I don't like that kind of food. I prefer to make myself because its cheaper, more delicious, and safe. Next month, going out to restaurant frequency become fewer, going out to bar become more.

It cost not too much, We can listen great Irish music, dance in wonderful floor.

Telephone charges  20€ 

Surprisingly here in Ireland, Its really cheaper than Japan. There is a good company named “3”. If we top up to 3 only 20€. We get 30days those following things. We “3” can talk for free each other. Texts and Internet are all free and unlimited. In additional, on weekend Its free to call anyone in Ireland. Even weekday, we can use 20€ payed already.

One more thing, “3” has network in Northern Ireland and UK. Its bit expensive but it works. We don't have to change Simcard. its wonderful.

iPhone5s 300€

Its not cheap but I really need it. Because of “3” I can use unlimited 4G data, also I can use iPhone for personal hotspot. That means I can share my 3 net work for friends. When we drove around Ireland with friends, I did that. It was really useful. At second hand shop, he priced iPhone 5s at 375€ but I bought 300€. Thank you Michel! He gave me also iPhone case, and cover for free too.

GNIB 300

Its really expensive, but no choice. Anyone came from foreign country is required to pay. They don't discount only 1 cent!! and It cost OMG 300€!! We have to wait all day long, some people come to get GNIB for 3 days. GNIB take our fingerprints. AND We don't get anything good.

Ireland tour 180

We rent a car with friends met in Ireland. Then we drove around Ireland for 8days.
We traveled with 7 Japanese by 7 seats car. We shared food each other, and slept in our car. So thats why Its really low price to travel around Ireland. Next time I try to travel by bicycle!

patagonia’s rainware 88€
*this picture is "The Graftons"

I brought rain jacket gave me by my friend AMAGAI. But I used that one for over 4 years. Its soaked by Irish rain. So I need something new one. Then I found patagonias outlet. For safety I bought blight yellow one. Because I ride a bicycle a lot. I will use that also for long. It makes me rain for fun!!

Total cost is 1351€
Im not sure, is it normal for people who come to Ireland from foreign country?

I know its expensive because this month, I traveled, payed for GNIB and iPhone.

But next month will be much cheaper.

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