I enjoy learning English. I will tell you HOW.

I don't know whether to go to English school or not, but for now I study English by myself.

Somehow I will learn English fluently.

Now that I know the way to learn, I will tell you.

1 Language exchange friends.
I have language exchange friends named Nick, Mona, Jack and Sean.
We teach each other our own languages.
He is Nick, his Japanese is very good. He lived in Nagasaki for 2 years.
Umm... I will have my hair cut.

I think that it's the best way to learn foreign language, and it's fun!
I meet them about once a week.

How have I found these great friends?
I used Facebook and twitter. Possibly you can find some also.

Watching movies

Do you know the app “Popcorn Time”? It's an amazing application. It's all free to watch movies, not only that we can watch them with English subtitles. I saw many movies already, for example “Star wars” series, “The world's fastest Indian” and “Ruddy” and so on.

I try to understand the movie at my own natural speed, but if I see a word which I don't understand I can pause the movie and look for the word in the dictionary.

This is also a fun way to learn. 

3 Writing blog.

It's my hobby and Job. I appreciate you seeing my blog. Thank you very much.
I try to use new grammar and vocabulary. I'm not afraid of mistakes because my language exchange friends correct it.

Talking with friends.

I live in Kinlay hostel’s apartment. Fortunately I have a chance to talk with open-minded international housemates. They come from Spain, U.S, Canada, Italia, Bulgaria and Croatia. Sometimes it's exhausting to speak foreign languages. However I have to use English to survive.

Reading books. Learning by book.
I read books written in English about Japan, because I'm asked by many people about Tokyo, Geisha, Anime, politics, like that kind of things. I know these things. but I can't explain them well in English. I learn again about Japan in English.  

The book named “English Grammar for 100 million Japanese" it's really useful to understand English system and mind. I learn from that book a lot.

These are my methods to learn English, I wonder if you’ll find my methods suit you.

edited by Jack thank you!

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