I visited organic farm near from Galway.

I rent a bike from Adolf come from Spain.
I visited a organic farm where I found in internet, near from Galway.
It takes one hour by bicycle.

Long time I want to see the farm but I didn't had bicycle, so now I can!

The shop open only every Wednesday between 2-7pm, fortunately I come on Wednesday at4pm!! I have always that kind of luck. 

He is Tom who cultivates this farm 10 years. The farm is 30 acre. But they use only 20 acre for growing up agricultural products. 1/3 he uses for nature that means he takes care not only vegetable and fruits, but also trees birds, other animals and earth! I think thats why the name of farm is “Green earth organics”

He sell organic products, local as possible. He talked not so much, but if I asked something to him, he answered very kindly with smile. After talking he gave me a favour. “You can see my farm if you want” I answered “Yes!! I want!“ “Recent days there are not so much products but you can see around my farm.”

I ran out from shop with camera. 

I passed through muddy road. Then I organic found field.

There are Leeks
We eat for soup. I just put salt and bake in the oven. Compare with Japanese leeks, here’s are more strong taste and hard. I like it.

There are spinach, European people eat even fresh that means they don’t cook spinach as a salad or something. I eat like europeans too. yummy!! 

I don’t know how far Toms farm extend.

Every week they deliver organic vegetables to your door!!
If you are interested in organics check it out!


It takes 15km from city centre of Galway,

The way of that farm are really dangerous way, which is very narrow street, but big vehicles passed very fast (limited speed are 100km). OMG!

I felt much strain. I can’t visit every week, but I will visit again definitely.

At the end, I asked him, “I will work here!” then, he answered “Maybe you can come in summer again!”

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