[234€] How much do I spend and earn in Feb.

Hostel and accommodation fee 0€

I'm staying in the Kinlay hostel apartment in the city centre. Instead of paying rent I'm required to work in the hostel for 16hours per week.

Traveling expense 0€

I didn’t need to use any transportation in the last month. Our apartment shares a bicycle. I use sometimes it but the other people don’t use at all, so I can use anytime when I want to ride. The bicycle is not perfect but it works. I go to local organic farm by the bicycle. This is fine for me.

Food expense (including beer) 144€

I eat meal 2 times a day. And we volunteers can eat Kinlay’s breakfast. So I should take care my meal only one time a day. I drink a can of beer almost every evening, It costs only 1.5€. I love that.
I often eat sandwiches. And my housemates call me "Mr. Sandwich"  

Restaurant and pub expense 30€

I sometimes go to pub or restaurant with friends. Its also really fun. You know that I can listen good music any pub in Galway everyday. 

Blog School fee 40€

I started to learn how to earn money by writing blog. Its not cheap but I decide not to give up to live with my expression.

Telephone charges 20€

The total costs is 234€
Its quite good deal I think. I don't work now, so I have to save my money.
Now I don't have to spend much money to enjoy life.

Income from my blog 2€

Thank you for visiting my blog.
It has advertising, If you come to see it, I will get bit of money from google.
If you share it, I will get more.

I try hard to write useful and interesting information for you for the future.

Last month's page views are 729.
I will write the blog more than previous month.
I should earn more. I can do it.

edited by Sean

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