Comparing Galway with Dublin, worse things include...

I wrote about the good points in the last post. 

Comparing Galway with Dublin, better things include...

I moved to Galway from Dublin.
To be honest, there are also demerit as well.

【Bad points】
・Galway’s accent is a little bit harder to understand for me than Dubliner.
I don’t know why, but I think Dublin is more international city than Galway, so it makes their accent weaker. I’m a newcomer, now for me its a hard time. However it will be better.

・I can’t get information in Japanese.
In Dublin, I can get a information in Japanese easily. I can’t get it here in Galway yet.
It’s inconvenient for me, but it helps me to improve English.

And I will be a first writer in Japanese at Galway.
I collect information of Galway, I write it in Japanese.

・Limited activities.

It’s an inevitable fate. There are much more cafes, pubs and activities in Dublin than in Galway. Some people go to Dublin to see movie. I feel Galway’s commodity prices are little bit more expensive than Dublin. I guess, Galway is a tourist place, and there are few competition. For example I would like to buy fixed focal length lends, there is only one shop we can buy the lends. It cost 1.5 times higher prise than Dublin. 

When people would move to another city, there are something problems. There are some bad things in Galway, but I never regret that I moved to Galway.
Because I love this cozy city, the great music, the friendly people.

If you don’t prefer busy atmosphere like Dublin, I welcome you to Galway.

I wait for you with a beer glass of Guinness.

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