Galway food festival 2016 was kicked off!!

"Galway Food Festival” is five days of fantastic food and events in Galway over the Easter bank holiday weekend.
If you are still undecided what to do in this weekend, Welcome to Galway.

"Oyster Festival" in autumn is famous for Irish. 
However at "Galway Food Festival” you can enjoy many kinds of artisan, seasonal and local food in this five days, not only oysters!

In this 5 days Galway's each restaurant make special menu or hold a event. They serve special, seasonal and local menu. That means you can eat and enjoy only here, and now.

There are also food tours. If you come alone, you can join the tour, then you will enjoy foods with experienced guide and new friends.

Galway is cozy city. It’s not nesesaly to use buses or taxis to look around. You can get by walk from bus couch station or train station.

here is more details.

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