Don't miss Galway Market if you stay in Galway on Saturday.

Galway is known as a harbour city in Ireland.
There are “Food Festival” every year.
Many people lived in Galway are interested in food.
So many delicious food come to Galway.
So Galway is good city for a gourmet.

You can readily eat Galway’s good food at "Saturday Galway Market”.

You can find the market in front of St. Nicholas parish church. near by shop-street.
There are many local shops. They sell local food, sweets, fish, craft, art and so on.
It’s getting warmer the shops increasing more. Recent days there are around 30.

It’s a Vegetarian food.

German Hotdog Shop 

Local vegetable market. 

Fish market.

If you make reservation you can be guided by local people named Sheena who works at famous restaurant in Galway.
You can enjoy precious Galway market with her.
more details...

It’s a picture of food tour.
They came from Germany, They tried Sushi roll from Japanese restaurant “WACAFE"

 If you can stay in Galway well, you should leisurely try Galway's artisan restaurant.
Otherwise you must visit "Saturday Galway Market”.
You can taste many kinds of food in Galway in a easy way.

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