Japanese restaurant "WA CAFE" is recommended by Japanese.

「WA CAFE」is one of the three Japanese restaurant in Galway
I visited the restaurant recently.
And I recommend you here.

A owner is Japanese woman named Yoshimi.
She is a pioneer of bringing Japanese food to Galway.
Many people ate Sushi in Yoshimi's restaurant at first time.

They serve traditional Sushi like tuna and mackerel.
They make European style sushi California roll, Chicken Teriyaki.
Are you vegetarian?
No problem you can get Vegetarian roll as well.

WA CAFE is really delicious but not only that.
They serve organic local products as possible.

Those 3 peace of Sushi are also local food from Galway.
I like especially this prawn.
It is bigger than Japanese. I love it.

You can also enjoy another Japanese food besides Sushi.
Chicken Teriyaki is amazing.
Its hard to find that kind of delicious chicken in Japan.
Id like to know the recipe.

If you are interested in Japanese food.
Please welcome to WA CAFE

WA CAFE is introduced by Japanese most famous guide book
called “Chikyu-no-arukikata” meaning how to walk the earth.

The restaurant is also nominated for “Irish restaurant award 2016"

There is a lovely cozy place.
So if you have plan to go with over 10 people,
I think you need reservation.

Yoshimi sets a booth at Galway Saturday market too.
So you can enjoy Sushi there as well!


I added these picture  28th Mar. 2016

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