Ken's monthly report March 2016

Time flies.

It has been 1 month since I started to work at Kinlay Hostel.

I had to look for another job, then I found it, but I gave up.

Last week in Ireland they held a general election. I supported the green party's candidate from Galway.
I walked through Galway city to deliver leaflets.

There is big difference between from Japan. This is election system.

We use mostly use “single member district” like in the U.K. However in Ireland the general election they use “single transferable vote” Its really complicated and spending a lot of time to count.  However This system can minimise “wasted vote”

I want to introduce the Japanese people it.

Unfortunately the green party's candidate from Galway couldn’t get a seat, but it was a really good experience for me.

I love the size of Galway where it is not too big, but we can get anything to live comfortable.
Now I don’t want to go anywhere.

I will stay here for a while.

I tell you what I do these days except the 16 hours shift per week in the hostel.
Everyday I study English, write blogs (in Japanese and English) and look through huge amount of pictures taken since 2008.

I watch movies what I wanted to see long time too. 

At evening I drink one pint of GUINNESS costed only 1.5€.

Now Im thinking about that there are enough information of Dublin in Japanese. However its not enough of Galway.

So I will collect the information of Galway, and publish in Japanese.
I think that I can be a customer service in Galway for Japanese.

I feel homesick sometimes. These are the biggest 3 reason I want to go back to Japan.

The first reason that I miss Japan, is TV program called “busy twenties”
I was the DJ for the TV program. This is really interesting one.

The second reason is that I miss my hairdresser. He is one of the best barber in Japan. He has great skill of cutting and talking. I will have my hair cut.

The last one is that I want to have a long bath. In Japan we can find cheap and good a public baths anywhere. However I couldn’t find any public baths in Ireland so far.

This is a plan of this year.
Until May I stay in Galway.
All the month of Jun, I stay in London, or the other U.K counties.
From July I stay in anywhere in Ireland maybe Galway?
In November I leave for Japan temporary.

edited by Sean. thank you!

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