Traveling around Ireland! Day 0

Around Ireland
We don't know each other 
7 Japanese
 A hired car
Sleeping in the Car
8 days

What is "Traveling around Ireland"?

I planned it with a Japanese girl who I met at a bar on NewYear's eve.
Her nickname is Chaby.
Our plan was to rent a car, and collect a people who will join us from the Internet.
If we get more people, it will be more fun and cheaper.
We started on the 15th Jan 2016 from Dublin, and we drove around Ireland in 8 days, and came back.

Chaby and me

Where are we going?

We went to Cork, in the south part of Ireland, Galway in the west, and Belfast in the north.

We also planed to visit the "Ring of Kerry", the "Cliffs of Moher" and the "Giants Causeway"

Actually I had planed this kind of travel, but when I came to Ireland the wether was so bad. It rained a lot, it was cold, and the days were very short…

However I met Chaby, and she told me that " I will go with you!"

So we planed it together.

What is the initial plan?

At first we would rent a car for 4 people; Chaby, myself, and two more. However, when we put the travel information on the Internet, 3 people contacted us right away to join!

We ventured to rent a car for 7 people. Because we didn't want to reject any person who wanted to join us!
And we kept looking for one more person.

You can get on and off anywhere. We can change our plan depending on your desire.

It would cost about 450€ to rent a car.
We divide it by the number of passenger.

You need to pay for your hotel charges and food expenses. 

How to collect friends? 

We made a video only in Japanese sorry! We posted the trip information on Facebook and another internet site.
We made an English notification as well. However the people who wanted to come were all Japanese.


We are planning to travel around Ireland. We are gonna leave Dublin on the 15th, and then will come back to Dublin on the 22nd.

Now we are 5 people. And we are looking for two more people to join us. We've already rend a car which has seven seats.

We are going to some nice places such as Cork, Galway, Belfast, and Iveragh Peninsula, which is the place where we can see many stars very clearly.

And of course we will visit the Giant's Causeway a World Heritage site.

Schedule (we can change, of course)

1st day: Kildare, Wicklow, Kilkenny and Cork (we will probably spend a night in Cork.)

2nd Day: Blow head, Killarney, and the Ring of Kerry Ring, the best place to watch the starry sky (we will spend two nights there)

4th Day: Limerick, Adare (the cutest village in Ireland), and Galway.

6th Day: Giants cause way

edited by Nick

If you want to go anywhere we can arrange it. Let us know ^^

We are going to travel for 1 week.

The total cost of the car is about 450 Euro (including car rental, gasoline and parking fee)
We share this price.

It doesn't include hostel costs or meals

About 1500km

Driver    Ken
Director Chaby
Translator Nao
Professional Yuko

We can take two more people!
Any questions and applications.
Please call or text me.
 Thank you.

We travel all the way together!

The woman on the left is Yuko.
She comes from Okinawa island. This is the most southern part of Japan. She was in charge of navigation and hostels. She is smart and she did well on the job.

The man at the back is Nao.
He was the first person who contacted me to join us. He was in charge of navigation and finance.

The woman on the right is Chaby.
I couldn't plan if she wasn't there. She made atmosphere always funny and friendly.  

The man at the front is Ken.
It's me! I also have planed to move to somewhere good for me.
So I look for a good place to live as well.

Let's go!
We start for 4people from Dublin, and pick up at Naas, Cork and Kilkenny for each.
We don't know each other. Just we contact only in Facebook a few times.

We travel together in 8days besides sleeping in a car.

We have already made some troubles. We must make mistake more,
However we enjoyed everything and we will enjoy any trouble in this travel.

We will see!

Kentaro Oshiba
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