We lost money but enjoyed Dog race in Galway!

I run with my friend Andy.
We always try to run another way, through a different part of the city.
In the last time we found Dog race stadium in Galway.
have you seen how fast dogs are.
So we promised to come back here again.

Today is the day 

We asked our apartment friends to go to see dog race.
They said “Yeah! it must be fun!”
But sadly they didn’t come.
Even Andy had to work. 

So only Alvaro and me came to see it.
It takes about 20 min by foot from city centre.

Generally Adult has to pay 10€ for entry.
But receptionist asked us “Are you students?"
We answered “Fuck YES”
Then she allow us to come in only 5€ per each.
I love that kind of Irish mind.
Thank you very much.

We analysed a day of birth, last race ranking, time, and class of dogs.
Then bet!

Dogs were too fast to take a picture.
They are looks like ghost or something like that.
They run about 60km/hour. 
I wan a few times. However we lose many times.
So we decided to come back in the middle of races.

I lost about 15€ in total.
However it was really fun experience for us.
We are really excited and could be millionaires. lol.
It’s worth for us!

The rest of our apartments friends who didn’t come with us asked me to come to see Dog race.
But I don’t go never again.
Because I feed enough money for the dogs.

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