10 things I want to do in Ireland

These days are warm and sunny.
I feel like it is Summer even though it is in Spring.

However, in recent days I forget what I should do, where should I go…?
So now I will write my plan "The 10 things I want to do in Ireland".

Drinking Guinness 

in the home country of Guinness. 

I have done that as soon as I came to Ireland.
Almost everyday since, I've drank a pint of Guinness.

Traveling around Ireland.

Surprisingly I have found great friends, then we drove around Ireland for a week.
It was so amazing. I have found a place to live(Galway!).

Next time I will travel by bicycle or Hitchhiking.

Researching referendum on Gay marriage.

It’s a hard thing now actually, It has happened last May so the Irish forget it little by little.
My friend Jack said "The Irish don't like talking about problems, complaining Yes but talking No! Talking means you have to deal with the problem, complaining doesn't."

And they don’t have any flyers or posters now. Sometimes I can find stickers, but I can’t feel the energetic gay marriage movement in these days.

Researching on Brexit referendum

There is already massive information on Britain leaving the European Union. I will find out and share my information with the Japanese people.
Actually I don’t care about the result. However I do want to research “What is a referendum” and “How do they feel about the consequences and freedom of voting”.

And this will be my first time to visit London, It should be fun as well.

Working at a Irish pub.

It’s really hard to get work here. But somehow I will get a job.
I'd like to work while listening to Irish music. I will serve Guinness beer.

I will get a european girlfriend.

It’s not only up to me. No result yet.

Writing as much as I can, to prepare for  writing a book.

When I was in Japan I couldn’t write everyday articles.
However in Ireland writing is my job so I get to write everyday!!

Learning English

Why did I chose a country where English was spoken?
Because I want to learn English. I think, listen, read and speak in English. 

reaching 100,000PV 100€ per month.

I think about it a lot, writing a blog, and taking photos.
I will do that constantly, consistently.

Learning traditional Irish dancing.

I love Irish music. I can play the piano but I prefer to dance more.
So I will learn how to dance.


It is my new map to achieve in Ireland.

edited by Jack

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