Comparing "Room share" with "Single room" in Galway.

Last apartment.
I lived at the "Kinlay Workers House" It is in Galway city center Eyle Square.

There are 13 people, who come from foreign countries, they are from Spain, U.S.A, Canada, Germany, Bulgaria, France, Italy and Croatia.
They live here to study at Uni, to improve English or to travel and so on.
About every 2 weeks, some people leave the apartment for another place and other people come to join us.
We worked in the Kinlay hostel for 16 hours per week for our accommodation.

Occasionally we held parties when we celebrated someone's birthday, or leaves from the House. After the party we went dancing.
When it was good weather, we took a walk, played soccer together in the daytime. At night, we watched movies while eating popcorn.

Present apartment.
Now I live upstairs of the restaurant where I work.
The apartment is near the city center by the docks. It's a really convenient place to live.
I can see the Sea every day.
I go to the shoreline every morning to exercise.

I live in a single room, Now I have some private time.
There is another person sharing kitchen, bathroom and shower with me.
The Rent isn't cheap. It costs €125, this includes electricity, wifi and water charges, per week . However, there is no other place that will allow me to stay only 2 months.

I miss my friends who worked together, played together and lived together.

Even though I moved to new flat, they still invite me to a picnic or playing football. This is also a lot of fun. 
The happiest thing since I moved to my new flat is it's quiet, even at night! My last flat is in front of the club called "Karma". They play loud music until 3 am every weekend, I couldn't take it!!
Recently, I sleep very well.

edited by Jack

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