I miss you Megumi,

I heard that Megumi has passed away.

I met her during the citizen movement for the  "Referendum on nuclear power plants" in Tokyo in 2011.

She worked at an international NGO in Geneva.

At that time, she temporarily came back to Japan.
Although she had many things she wanted to do, she came to our office and helped us almost every day.
We were euphoric to work with her.
She worked very fast and efficiently.

After she went back to Geneva, she sent a box full of sweets to our office.
We were surprised and appreciated her kindness.

November 2013
I researched the "Referendum of Switzerland."
I asked her about it. Then she answered, 
"If you come to Geneva, you can stay at my apartment."
I decided to go to Geneva.
She allowed me to stay at her house for 10 days! 
I couldn't finish writing a report of this referendum if there was no Megumi.
When I was in Geneva, she introduced me to her friend, translated from French to Japanese and made dinner for me.
Even though she was busy with her main work, she helped me very much.
Japanese miso soup and rice balls.

She also invited me to a music party at the United Nations.
She played the sax
She was cool. She was passionate when she played music.
I knew she liked music, 
but I didn't know that she played the sax so well.
She took me to lunch with local friends and to an art festival as well.

I knew that she had an illness. However, I was surprised to hear that she passed away.
She always tried to do something for other people.

I always told her "We will meet again in Tokyo or Switzerland!" and 
"I will text you!"

However, I can't do it anymore. 
It's my fault. I didn't come to her when I could.
I thought she was my sister.
I got a lot of affection from her.
Even though she did a lot of things for me, I couldn't do the same for her.
Now I can't do anything for her.

I saw my pictures with her.
I read our texts.
I couldn't stop crying.
I can just write.
I pray that her soul has found peace.
Thank you very much, Megumi.

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