I will meet a friend in London, 30th Apr to 5th May.

My friend Yuji will come to London from Japan.
I met him at our high school. He came to Germany when I studied in Heidelberg. Many people said to me "Oh I will come to Germany!" but not everyone came. We saw Bundesliga (German football league) together at that time.

He comes to London this year, I'm going to London too. We will meet there and discover the most popular city for tourists in the world.

It's only 58€ for outward and return, from Galway to London, by bus.

We don't have a plan, except to watch the "Premier League"
If you know of good places, food or people, please tell me.

Yuji comes on the 30th Apr. as well, but goes back to Japan on the 3rd May. I will stay two more nights and research the "Brexit" referendum.

I can't wait to visit London!

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