I'm allowed to love.

I did "Titanic" only me. Someday I will do this with her.

I feel so happy, I can't even do anything without thinking about her.
I know it doesn't last forever, so I will write my feeling now.

I'm allowed to love.
I think people want to love someone.
People really want to love someone.
People want to be gentle for someone.
People want to forgive someone.
People want to share.

I know, when some people are rejected by love, they begin to give up loving someone.
I understand this situation.

She let me love her.
I can say " I love you".
I can be gentle with her.
I can forgive her.
I can share with her.
I can do anything for her.

It doesn't matter, I can do these things or not.

Now I am able to do these things for her.
It makes me happy for now.

edited by Jack.

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