Traveling around Ireland! Day 1

 Road trip around Ireland
The first time we met each other
7 Japanese
A hired car
Sleeping in the car
8 days

We should be meeting at 11 AM in front of the Spire in Dublin.
However, I was late. I needed to take a shower because, from today, we stay in our car. Even though my hostel's shower was so busy. 
That's why I couldn't get there in time. I'm so sorry about that.

I got to the meeting point at a quarter past 11. I met Chaby and Maimi, who would join us from the 4th day.

She sometimes makes barbed remarks with a cheeky smile.

From the Spire to the car rental shop it takes 20 minutes.
However, Chaby and I had to take everything with us because we didn't have a house. It was too heavy to carry. Usually in that situation people use a taxi, but we didn't.

Maimi helped us a lot. On the way to the rent a car shop, I dropped Chaby's olive oil. I'm sorry about that again. Anyway we arrived there at 12 pm.

Hired car! 
Customer service was Paul. He asked us "How about full cover insurance?" "How about an upgrade?" " Would you like to use GPS navigation?"

I was afraid of driving abroad, so we took full cover insurance and we upgraded the car quality because he told us if you upgrade the car, we can save on fuel efficiency.
They said it cost 10euro per day but I asked him to reduce, so he allowed us to use a upper-grade car for 8euro per day. 

We rejected the GPS navigation system because we had google map. It's useful and free. We also use the "3 network" in Ireland.

It cost us 430 Euro for 8 days in all, including the upgrade, full cover insurance, and additional driver fee (generally I drive but just in case, Chaby can drive too.) 

In Japan the gas tank is full when we rent a car.
 Surprisingly they said, "Now you have a quarter of the gas tank, you should bring back over a quarter OK?"
"OK, make sense."

Let's start! 
We left 1 hour after we were supposed to. I don't have much experience with manual transmission gears and very big cars.
Irish cars drive on the left like Japanese, so Irish handle is on the right like Japan as well. However, I don't know why the indicator was on the left, it's strange for us Japanese. In Japan when driver turns we use an indicator and gear at the same time! That makes me very busy. I had the engine stall many times. There were a lot of cars and traffic lights in Dublin. I was very nervous but I drove on.

We picked up Nao. We were surprised because he brought only a small backpack. He is a man worth traveling with.
After that, we picked Yuko up. She lived in an excellent place, like a princess's room. Chaby and I left baggage which we wouldn't use in her room.
Then Maimi went back home because she had an interview for a Job. Good luck!

When someone leaves Dublin city (across the River Liffey),  they have to pay a toll.  Even though there is no toll gate, there are cameras checking for car numbers. We bought a ticket to cross the river at a gas station when we refueled.
When we pay the toll, we gave them the number of our car. Then the number is registered for 24 hours. It cost 3.1€ for a car in which there are less than 8 seats.

We pleasantly drove to the first destination, Naas.
We picked up Mariko, who studied English there. 

I felt so excited that our group was getting bigger and bigger. She took care of our food. We told her how much food we have already. She knows a lot of topics, she can talk about anything!

And we had another purpose, Chaby wanted to go to a shoe store "Tutty's HandMade Shoes", it's the most famous Handmade shoe store in Ireland.

They sold only made-to-order shoes.
When I walked into the shop, I recognized the smell of leather.
There are artistic, beautiful shoes.
There are lots of shoes waiting for repair.
She interviewed a shoe craftsman (cobbler)

After that, we were heading to Kilkenny.

When we arrived at Kilkenny, it was already dark. However, it made more beautiful the famous castle.
We bought food for supper at the supermarket. We decided that "We will make sandwiches tonight." We bought the ingredients everyone likes. After that we shared those things.

We drunk local beer at the local pub.
We got back to our car and slept there.

When I felt cold, I turned on heating. Then I fell asleep again.
I hope we all have good dreams.
edited by Jack

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