[Warning] You shouldn't underestimate Irish virus.

viruses make me crazy
I have a cold since 2 weeks ago. Actually, this is a kind of a right of passage ceremony to live in Ireland.


I heard that from my friend who lives in Ireland for 12 years, it's a kind of ceremony to live in Ireland. At first, people got a fever, after they got over the fever yet a cough still remains. Some people don’t stop coughing for one month.

I am coughing for 2 weeks. I couldn't sleep well, so I felt always kind of languid. My friend caught exactly this kind of cold. My friends told me “I have a persistent cough"

If you get that kind of virus?
It’s really painful, like you can't sleep well because of the hard cough. When I got this kind of cold my friends were worried for me, they told me like “Do you need medicine? I have some.” “would you like some Ginger tea?” or “ You shouldn’t play soccer today.”

It takes a long time to heal. If you feel nervous you can ask a doctor.

If you heal like me you should drink some Ginger tea with lemon and honey. The drink is going to make you feel better temporarily.

If you have an allergy, maybe you can feel better after cleaning your room or common space. Because some colds cause allergies sometimes.

Conversely, you don’t have to be afraid if your cough stays long. It takes a long time to get better.

“Prevention is the most important thing”

I don’t remember last time when I got this kind of sick. I remember when I swam in the cold sea in Galway then I took a walk, even though it’s raining.

However, it’s not a good way to live in foreign countries. You should live with healthy food, exercise, and good sleep. No exception, even people who said “I don't get a cold” but it happens to you as well.

edited by Jack

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