The World goes same time but different ways

The World goes same time but different ways

Morning comes for everyone,
but different timings.

I don't know why, 
every morning these words come to my head.

Now I'm at my favorite Cafe in Galway same as always.
I  drink a Cappucino not always like an Americano.
I write articles about that
"18years old people are allowed to vote in Japan"
"The Referendum of UK"
I want to know more, it's my unlimited desire.
How can I connect with This world and society?

Even though I don't want to look terrible problems,
there are exist.
U.S.A president Barak Obama visited Hiroshima.

One of my friends
brings their baby up.
goes for a volunteer to Kumamoto where there was a strong earthquake in April.
posts his "hidden character"
tries to get over her disappointed love.
quits his job.
I will nearly be 30 years old.
Busker plays piano on the street.
The Cafe play good beat BGM.
I like both musics.
I can hear both, but I can't listen to both at same time

I can't live my friend life I envy for.
While I envy for his life, he steps more far from me.

I feel he is already far away from me.
However, I can meet him because we live same time same age.

I asked Italian girl at a pub in Galway.
We danced a little.
After she came back to Italy,
she described Ireland on Facebook as a writer.
I was impressed by her post.

She was in Ireland exactly where I am.
She felt and wrote Ireland in a different way from mine.
I was also tempted to write something.

The world drives us forward at the same time together.

EU referendum Movie Gallery.

This is a real ballot paper for this referendum.

What is EU referendum. from The Achieve.

What is EU referendum from BBC.

Britain Stronger In Europe.

Brexit The movie full film.

VOTIN from Alex Clifford on Vimeo.

Debate: Should Britain leave the EU?

The most important thing is Register!
You have to register if you want to vote this important referendum.

Who will be able to vote?British, Irish and Commonwealth citizens over 18 who are resident in the UK, along with UK nationals living abroad who have been on the electoral register in the UK in the past 15 years. Members of the House of Lords and Commonwealth citizens in Gibraltar will also be eligible, unlike in a general election. Citizens from EU countries - apart from Ireland, Malta and Cyprus - will not get a vote. by BBC

If you aren’t already on the electoral register, you must register by 7 June if you want to vote in the EU referendum on 23 June.


My Motto

This post is popular on my Japanese blog.
I will translate from Japanese to English.
The Original one is written on 2nd May 2010, so it is 6 years old post.


If you do something or nothing for me, even if you told me anything or ignore me, I love you anyway.

Sometimes people advise you to do so like....

You are already graduated, you are not a student now. You should have responsibility.
You must think that its proper time, place and occasion before saying something.
You must appreciate for kindness.
You must not do same mistakes.
You should always be modesty.

I will accept your advice with love.
I will change gratefully if I want to change but I can't change for you.
It's My LIFE!
I will give my love back to you in a different way.


I felt the frogs in the rice field croaked to comfort me.

I don't care about someone who evaluates me good, or bad by my behaviour.
I will do anything by my way for myself.

I have friends I want to talk.
I have many things I want to accomplish.
Don't be afraid of anything.
I'm ME.


My boss gave me more than enough delicious foods, every day!
My face and body were getting bigger and bigger.

I planted trees in a forest.

It's not a matter of conspicuous.
I will do my pleasant things.
I will grow up in my field.

When I grew up, I would be conspicuous.
Then many people would evaluate me good, or bad by me.

I don't care about these evaluations.
I will continue to do my pleasant things,
and grow up more like the trees I planted today.


Increase in LGBT people coming out since marriage referendum

In Dublin by Ken

I was very impressed by this news.

The referendum helps LGMT people coming out.

I got a chance to interview a man who is LGBT in Galway.

I report about it.


[Documentary film] "The feeling of Schoenau" for free!

I've certainly watched this film over 100 times.

"The Feeling of Shocenau" is a film which changed my life.

This is a German documentary film.

After Chernobyl's disaster, the people who live in the small town "Schoenau", south of the Black Forest,  wanted to stop using nuclear energyHowever, their local electric company didn't care about the citizen's desires. The citizens created a signature-collecting campaign to hold a referendum. Then they stopped using nuclear power. At last, they established a 100% renewable energy electric company.

This was a revolution of energy, citizen movements and democracy.

I knew that I could watch this film in German and Japanese.

Now at this Youtube link, you can watch this video with subtitles in English, Basque, Catalan, French, and Galician as well.

I'm really happy to hear that. 
I do recommend you watch the film. It's not long, just an hour.
I promise you will feel hope and encouragement.

Ursula Sladek and me

I felt the deepest emotion when I watched it. Then I decided to go to Shcoenau.

I went there 3 years ago. I interviewed Ursula Sladek who was the chairwoman of the Schoenau electric company (EWS).

"Anytime, Anywhere revolution happens not from a leader, but from citizen power."

edited by Nick


I don't care about fashion or hairstyle. WHY?

I don't care about Fashion or Hairstyle.

There are 3 reasons.

"Not important"
If I have time to think about fashion or hairstyle,
I would read books or do exercise.

Steve Jobs always dressed in the same clothes as me.

I have the same black shirts, jeans and tights.
Then I don't have to think about what I should wear each day.
I can save time and thoughts.

"I want to be as natural as possible"
Yes, I wear and buy clothes. When I choose clothes, I take care to check what they're made of, how they're made, who made them or where the money goes.

For example, Organic cotton, Handmade, Fairtrade products or Supporting NPOs.

I like it when someone gives me a good hair cut! However, I don't use hair cream or gel. I don't colour my hair either. it's just not natural so I don't want to do it.
Even though I take care of what I wear, I don't care how I wear it.
Even though I take care of that my hair's health, I don't care of how it looks.

"I do want to express myself just not through my style."

I don't judge people by their appearances.
Anyone can make a good impression on other people with your smile.
I like to write articles, take photos, and talk.
I will appeal those things.

In German. Auf Deutch.
Ich interesiere mich nicht fuer Fashion.
aber ich mag Kleidung.

ich trage als ich kann moeglich aus biologisch-dynamisch Baumwolle.

Ich habe nicht so viel Kleidung.
aber ich schone Meinekleidung.

Ich interesiere mich nicht fuer Frisur.
aber ich freue mich sehr was meine Haar geschnitten lassen.

Ich benutze garnicht Haarwachs.
eigentlich das ist egal fuer mich.
das ist naehe von Natur ich denke.

Eigene Leute moegen wie das.
das ist auch schoen.

Aber ich mag Fussball spieren Artickel schreiben und Foto machen.
Ich benutze Zeit fuer diese Dinge.

Why do you against Basic Income?

The referendum will be held about "Basic Income" in Switzerland.

If I could vote, I will vote "for"
A Campaigner said that "Basic Income is the biggest question"

I agree with the comment, I think it's a good question to know what someone thinks about their point of view of "Work", "Life" and "Money"
I like this kind of question. For example, what do you think about "Death penalty" do you for or against and why do you think so?

A basic income is an income unconditionally granted to all on an individual basis, without means test or work requirement. from here
I totally agree on this system.

"Where does money come and go?"

Some people can't tolerate their working tax money to Not working people.

Just think about it where the money comes from. Someone pay for your job then you can earn money.

If you give money to other people who need money, you can make more money for future.

Money comes and goes.

There is no problem.

"Can you calculate a worth of work?"

Housemakers are working in their house, but no one pays for it.
Many people care for their parents or grandparents. However, they can't earn money either.
Even though artists do works, who knows those worth, sometimes the value is not understandable in recently years.

Calculating the worth of any work is impossible.
Any person's any work are value for someday's someone.

There is no problem.

"What for do you work?" 

Someone, who works for money, may against the Basic income system.
Because they don't know Joy of work. They don't know that doing something for someone is a pleasure.

So they believe if everyone gets enough money to live, no one will work.

There is the other kind of person who may conclude against the basic income.

Also, employers, who use employees by only money, may against the basic income.
Their job doesn't have worth to do or significance in society.

If Swiss approve of basic income, in Switzerland, there remain jobs which have only worth to do, or importance in society, also, everyone works with pleasure.

There is no problem.


The most important thing is Swiss can decide their decision directly by themselves in a referendum.

In Japan, there are many controversial problems. For example "TPP" "Nuclear plant" and "right of collective self-defense".

I am envious of Swiss direct democracy.


Monroe's Tuesday Night!

There is an Irish pub "Monroe's" in Galway.
On Tuesday, we can listen to Irish music and join the dance.

After 22:30 a dancer calls out "You can join us!" 

Yesterday I went to Monroe's by myself. But I will dance!!
So I need a partner. Then I found beautiful girls Giulia and Ambra who come from Italy.

I enjoyed dancing with them! Thank you for filming. This is a really good memory.
I will go to Italy in Autumn. They taught me Italian words, food and good places to visit.

Very nice to meet you!
Piacere di Conoscerti!

I recommend "Monroe's" on Tuesday.

You can enjoy dancing with friends.
You can even go by yourself.
You will find a partner to dance with.

When you come to Galway, you must go Irish dancing in "Monroe's"

Edited by Jack.


I start introducing amazon products.

Thank you for visiting my blog!
I am going to start recommending things.

I write a blog in Japanese also. Sometimes my English blog was visited more than my Japanese one.

So I start to advertise for Amazon.
For example, I recommend my favorite musician "Avicii"

If someone likes this as well, then they can buy directly from this link.
After that, I get a little bit of money from Amazon.

I like listening to music, reading books, writing, and recommending these things.

It's a challenge, but I will try!

Why Japanese journalist was caught and killed by ISIS.

Last year 2 Japanese men, one of whom was a journalist, were caught and killed by ISIS.

When something like this happens, Japanese people often say
"Journalists shouldn't go to such a dangerous place."

From my point of view,  It's an irresponsible comment.
Some people think if a problem does not affect them it does not involve them.

Are Japanese people concerned by this?
Do they admire themselves by doing nothing about ISIS?

If Journalists don't go to dangerous places, can the problems be solved?
How do people know about ISIS?


What were they doing there?

Haruna, on the right, was caught by ISIS. He owned militarily company.
He will know what happen in dangerous zone in Syria and Irag.

Kenji is Haruna's friend, he is a journalist. When Kenji knew Haruna was caught by ISIS. Kenji went to try to save him. However, ISIS captured Kenji as well.

I think Kenji's Action was not wrong at all.
It's not the his problem.
He became a target of abduction.
ISIL's target is not Journalist, but Japanese.

If ISIL couldn't catch Japanese people. They would come to Japan, and make terrorism.
The Japanese journalist was a substitute for the people who lives in Japan.

Japanese people should think about their diplomacy.
Why do Japanese people become a target of abduction?


Ken's monthly report May 2016


I wrote about my travel to London. I met my friends who I have known since high school.
I was crazy at that time, same as now. We belonged to the same club activity "Cheer club". It is not like "Cheerleading" Look! It is our school's "Cheer club".

Anyway, we spent almost all of our time at school together.
When I met them, I became crazier.

HOW is galway treating me ?

Finally in May, it's getting warmer even in Ireland!
Spring comes! 
I will spend time this month writing this blog, studying English, researching the referendum in the UK.

I am still working at a Japanese restaurant. I don't have enough time to do many things.
Ooops Although I said, "I don't have enough time." I often watch youtube movie of Japanese comedy and musician.


My birthday is 12th Jun, I become 30 years old. I will hold a birthday party before leaving Galway.
The 13th of Jun, I will go to London again to research about the "UK referendum"
From July, I will travel around Ireland and some other European countries, for example, Italy, Spain and Germany by Hitch-hiking or a bicycle.
In October, I have to go back to Japan for a while.

edited by Jack and Ken


Day 5 Sightseeing in London

On the last day, we visited British museum and galleries.
It is impossible to see all of London in only 5days.
However, I wanted to get a feel for the most famous city for Tourism as I could.
I think London is good for walking.
We can easily find bathrooms and maps anywhere in the city.
There are many parks and benches.
I enjoyed the museums, Galleries, and specialty stores.
They sell Asian, European or Egyptian antiques and art.
I couldn't walk straight down a street.
I wanted to visit inside these shops.

Typical british Pub.

The British Museum.

Typical British park.

Walkers shortbread.

Underground or "Tube"

Typical British meal!

Beautiful street.

I wanted to feel the atmosphere of the "pre-referendum" in London.
However, It was hard because there was also an election for the London mayor and assembly.


Day 4 Sightseeing in London city.

One of our friends Yuji went back to Japan.
The rest of us Hata, Sato and I kept exploring around London city.

It was really fun to ride a double-decker bus which are famous around the world.

Good sights, good feelings!

The "Tube" was so complicated but Hata is good at reading a map and changing trains. The "Tube" is underground train system.

Thankfully Sato and I just followed him.

We arrived here, do you know the place?
You should know.
Yes! this is "Abbey road" famous because of the Beatles.
Abbey road

We went to Buckingham Palace

Although I've been here with Yuji 2 days ago, it was the first time to see the ceremony of the changing of the guards there.
I was surprised that there were so many tourists, much more than there were guards.

Hata is a professional of playing table tennis.
We enjoyed the game
A stranger came to play with us.
This was also fun.

In Japan, we don't find squirrels inner city.
Big ben is beautiful at night as well as in the daytime.

We ate "Ramen" which is Chinese noodle in a Japanese style in London.

I believe that the two of the important things to travel are "with Who?" and "Who will I meet there"
I'm sure I will enjoy traveling anywhere with them.

edited by Jack!


Day 3 in London "Premier League!"

In London I met two other friends since my highschool.
I couldn't meet them when we were in Japan because we were so busy.
However we met together. It was amazing moment for me.
We drunk together, talked together, laugh together.
This was precious time for us.

We live different place.
We work different job.
Their story of life makes me encouraged.
I can't live their life, I don't have their skills.
However I can do something different with them.
Recently many tourist sites set up bicycle station like this.
You can use it in Dublin, Galway, Ireland,
even my hometown Kawagoe in Japan.

I went to watch "PREMIER League"
Chelsea vs Tottenham
This was so exciting game.
The referee gave players many cards.
Audience called to opponent team   
"No fxxking shit!"
Although the audience were so excited, after game.
They all stood up and made a clap for both sides players.
That was cool. 

They are "Remain in EU" groups.

London 2nd Diary "We were both sick in London"

Everything is cool including gaffiti.
We went to the famous British pub chain.
It looks so delicious.
Fish and Chips! All visitor must eat it at least once.
Checken pie is also famous in UK.

I didn't know why I felt sick after I ate thoes meals.

Secound day in London.
We, Yuji and I, planned to go to the British museum.
Although I went out home with Yuji, I couldn't walk.
Inevitably I stayed at home.
After I came back home I slept about 6 hours.
I got feeling better.
I met Yuji and we went for eating dinner together.
I like the buildings in London.
They are stylish and magnificence.
When we walked a street, we heard Irish music.
Then I took Yuji, to the bar named "Cask"
They sell many craft beers,
and we listened to good Irish music.

3rd Day!
I slept very well. I totally recover from sick.
I sprang out to the city!

I found my favorite museum named,
Victoria and Albert Museum
We didn't plan to go here, but we found here when we walked.
I made some iron arts in Uni.
Since then I love to see iron arts.
When I saw good one, I took photo in european countries.

This museum has lots of amazing iron arts.
I can't imagine how to make it. Those are really awesome.


After visiting in this museum, Yuji got sick like me.
I guess 1st day's Fish and chips caused our sickness.
However we were not sure.
It's aweful to get sick in foreign country.
I would to cry, I would to come back to my home country.
Why should I take deasease at this moment.
Why now....

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