Day 3 in London "Premier League!"

In London I met two other friends since my highschool.
I couldn't meet them when we were in Japan because we were so busy.
However we met together. It was amazing moment for me.
We drunk together, talked together, laugh together.
This was precious time for us.

We live different place.
We work different job.
Their story of life makes me encouraged.
I can't live their life, I don't have their skills.
However I can do something different with them.
Recently many tourist sites set up bicycle station like this.
You can use it in Dublin, Galway, Ireland,
even my hometown Kawagoe in Japan.

I went to watch "PREMIER League"
Chelsea vs Tottenham
This was so exciting game.
The referee gave players many cards.
Audience called to opponent team   
"No fxxking shit!"
Although the audience were so excited, after game.
They all stood up and made a clap for both sides players.
That was cool. 

They are "Remain in EU" groups.

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