Day 4 Sightseeing in London city.

One of our friends Yuji went back to Japan.
The rest of us Hata, Sato and I kept exploring around London city.

It was really fun to ride a double-decker bus which are famous around the world.

Good sights, good feelings!

The "Tube" was so complicated but Hata is good at reading a map and changing trains. The "Tube" is underground train system.

Thankfully Sato and I just followed him.

We arrived here, do you know the place?
You should know.
Yes! this is "Abbey road" famous because of the Beatles.
Abbey road

We went to Buckingham Palace

Although I've been here with Yuji 2 days ago, it was the first time to see the ceremony of the changing of the guards there.
I was surprised that there were so many tourists, much more than there were guards.

Hata is a professional of playing table tennis.
We enjoyed the game
A stranger came to play with us.
This was also fun.

In Japan, we don't find squirrels inner city.
Big ben is beautiful at night as well as in the daytime.

We ate "Ramen" which is Chinese noodle in a Japanese style in London.

I believe that the two of the important things to travel are "with Who?" and "Who will I meet there"
I'm sure I will enjoy traveling anywhere with them.

edited by Jack!

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