Day 5 Sightseeing in London

On the last day, we visited British museum and galleries.
It is impossible to see all of London in only 5days.
However, I wanted to get a feel for the most famous city for Tourism as I could.
I think London is good for walking.
We can easily find bathrooms and maps anywhere in the city.
There are many parks and benches.
I enjoyed the museums, Galleries, and specialty stores.
They sell Asian, European or Egyptian antiques and art.
I couldn't walk straight down a street.
I wanted to visit inside these shops.

Typical british Pub.

The British Museum.

Typical British park.

Walkers shortbread.

Underground or "Tube"

Typical British meal!

Beautiful street.

I wanted to feel the atmosphere of the "pre-referendum" in London.
However, It was hard because there was also an election for the London mayor and assembly.

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