[Documentary film] "The feeling of Schoenau" for free!

I've certainly watched this film over 100 times.

"The Feeling of Shocenau" is a film which changed my life.

This is a German documentary film.

After Chernobyl's disaster, the people who live in the small town "Schoenau", south of the Black Forest,  wanted to stop using nuclear energyHowever, their local electric company didn't care about the citizen's desires. The citizens created a signature-collecting campaign to hold a referendum. Then they stopped using nuclear power. At last, they established a 100% renewable energy electric company.

This was a revolution of energy, citizen movements and democracy.

I knew that I could watch this film in German and Japanese.

Now at this Youtube link, you can watch this video with subtitles in English, Basque, Catalan, French, and Galician as well.

I'm really happy to hear that. 
I do recommend you watch the film. It's not long, just an hour.
I promise you will feel hope and encouragement.

Ursula Sladek and me

I felt the deepest emotion when I watched it. Then I decided to go to Shcoenau.

I went there 3 years ago. I interviewed Ursula Sladek who was the chairwoman of the Schoenau electric company (EWS).

"Anytime, Anywhere revolution happens not from a leader, but from citizen power."

edited by Nick

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