I don't care about fashion or hairstyle. WHY?

I don't care about Fashion or Hairstyle.

There are 3 reasons.

"Not important"
If I have time to think about fashion or hairstyle,
I would read books or do exercise.

Steve Jobs always dressed in the same clothes as me.

I have the same black shirts, jeans and tights.
Then I don't have to think about what I should wear each day.
I can save time and thoughts.

"I want to be as natural as possible"
Yes, I wear and buy clothes. When I choose clothes, I take care to check what they're made of, how they're made, who made them or where the money goes.

For example, Organic cotton, Handmade, Fairtrade products or Supporting NPOs.

I like it when someone gives me a good hair cut! However, I don't use hair cream or gel. I don't colour my hair either. it's just not natural so I don't want to do it.
Even though I take care of what I wear, I don't care how I wear it.
Even though I take care of that my hair's health, I don't care of how it looks.

"I do want to express myself just not through my style."

I don't judge people by their appearances.
Anyone can make a good impression on other people with your smile.
I like to write articles, take photos, and talk.
I will appeal those things.

In German. Auf Deutch.
Ich interesiere mich nicht fuer Fashion.
aber ich mag Kleidung.

ich trage als ich kann moeglich aus biologisch-dynamisch Baumwolle.

Ich habe nicht so viel Kleidung.
aber ich schone Meinekleidung.

Ich interesiere mich nicht fuer Frisur.
aber ich freue mich sehr was meine Haar geschnitten lassen.

Ich benutze garnicht Haarwachs.
eigentlich das ist egal fuer mich.
das ist naehe von Natur ich denke.

Eigene Leute moegen wie das.
das ist auch schoen.

Aber ich mag Fussball spieren Artickel schreiben und Foto machen.
Ich benutze Zeit fuer diese Dinge.

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