London 2nd Diary "We were both sick in London"

Everything is cool including gaffiti.
We went to the famous British pub chain.
It looks so delicious.
Fish and Chips! All visitor must eat it at least once.
Checken pie is also famous in UK.

I didn't know why I felt sick after I ate thoes meals.

Secound day in London.
We, Yuji and I, planned to go to the British museum.
Although I went out home with Yuji, I couldn't walk.
Inevitably I stayed at home.
After I came back home I slept about 6 hours.
I got feeling better.
I met Yuji and we went for eating dinner together.
I like the buildings in London.
They are stylish and magnificence.
When we walked a street, we heard Irish music.
Then I took Yuji, to the bar named "Cask"
They sell many craft beers,
and we listened to good Irish music.

3rd Day!
I slept very well. I totally recover from sick.
I sprang out to the city!

I found my favorite museum named,
Victoria and Albert Museum
We didn't plan to go here, but we found here when we walked.
I made some iron arts in Uni.
Since then I love to see iron arts.
When I saw good one, I took photo in european countries.

This museum has lots of amazing iron arts.
I can't imagine how to make it. Those are really awesome.


After visiting in this museum, Yuji got sick like me.
I guess 1st day's Fish and chips caused our sickness.
However we were not sure.
It's aweful to get sick in foreign country.
I would to cry, I would to come back to my home country.
Why should I take deasease at this moment.
Why now....

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