Monroe's Tuesday Night!

There is an Irish pub "Monroe's" in Galway.
On Tuesday, we can listen to Irish music and join the dance.

After 22:30 a dancer calls out "You can join us!" 

Yesterday I went to Monroe's by myself. But I will dance!!
So I need a partner. Then I found beautiful girls Giulia and Ambra who come from Italy.

I enjoyed dancing with them! Thank you for filming. This is a really good memory.
I will go to Italy in Autumn. They taught me Italian words, food and good places to visit.

Very nice to meet you!
Piacere di Conoscerti!

I recommend "Monroe's" on Tuesday.

You can enjoy dancing with friends.
You can even go by yourself.
You will find a partner to dance with.

When you come to Galway, you must go Irish dancing in "Monroe's"

Edited by Jack.

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