My Motto

This post is popular on my Japanese blog.
I will translate from Japanese to English.
The Original one is written on 2nd May 2010, so it is 6 years old post.


If you do something or nothing for me, even if you told me anything or ignore me, I love you anyway.

Sometimes people advise you to do so like....

You are already graduated, you are not a student now. You should have responsibility.
You must think that its proper time, place and occasion before saying something.
You must appreciate for kindness.
You must not do same mistakes.
You should always be modesty.

I will accept your advice with love.
I will change gratefully if I want to change but I can't change for you.
It's My LIFE!
I will give my love back to you in a different way.


I felt the frogs in the rice field croaked to comfort me.

I don't care about someone who evaluates me good, or bad by my behaviour.
I will do anything by my way for myself.

I have friends I want to talk.
I have many things I want to accomplish.
Don't be afraid of anything.
I'm ME.


My boss gave me more than enough delicious foods, every day!
My face and body were getting bigger and bigger.

I planted trees in a forest.

It's not a matter of conspicuous.
I will do my pleasant things.
I will grow up in my field.

When I grew up, I would be conspicuous.
Then many people would evaluate me good, or bad by me.

I don't care about these evaluations.
I will continue to do my pleasant things,
and grow up more like the trees I planted today.

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