The World goes same time but different ways

The World goes same time but different ways

Morning comes for everyone,
but different timings.

I don't know why, 
every morning these words come to my head.

Now I'm at my favorite Cafe in Galway same as always.
I  drink a Cappucino not always like an Americano.
I write articles about that
"18years old people are allowed to vote in Japan"
"The Referendum of UK"
I want to know more, it's my unlimited desire.
How can I connect with This world and society?

Even though I don't want to look terrible problems,
there are exist.
U.S.A president Barak Obama visited Hiroshima.

One of my friends
brings their baby up.
goes for a volunteer to Kumamoto where there was a strong earthquake in April.
posts his "hidden character"
tries to get over her disappointed love.
quits his job.
I will nearly be 30 years old.
Busker plays piano on the street.
The Cafe play good beat BGM.
I like both musics.
I can hear both, but I can't listen to both at same time

I can't live my friend life I envy for.
While I envy for his life, he steps more far from me.

I feel he is already far away from me.
However, I can meet him because we live same time same age.

I asked Italian girl at a pub in Galway.
We danced a little.
After she came back to Italy,
she described Ireland on Facebook as a writer.
I was impressed by her post.

She was in Ireland exactly where I am.
She felt and wrote Ireland in a different way from mine.
I was also tempted to write something.

The world drives us forward at the same time together.

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