Why do you against Basic Income?

The referendum will be held about "Basic Income" in Switzerland.

If I could vote, I will vote "for"
A Campaigner said that "Basic Income is the biggest question"

I agree with the comment, I think it's a good question to know what someone thinks about their point of view of "Work", "Life" and "Money"
I like this kind of question. For example, what do you think about "Death penalty" do you for or against and why do you think so?

A basic income is an income unconditionally granted to all on an individual basis, without means test or work requirement. from here
I totally agree on this system.

"Where does money come and go?"

Some people can't tolerate their working tax money to Not working people.

Just think about it where the money comes from. Someone pay for your job then you can earn money.

If you give money to other people who need money, you can make more money for future.

Money comes and goes.

There is no problem.

"Can you calculate a worth of work?"

Housemakers are working in their house, but no one pays for it.
Many people care for their parents or grandparents. However, they can't earn money either.
Even though artists do works, who knows those worth, sometimes the value is not understandable in recently years.

Calculating the worth of any work is impossible.
Any person's any work are value for someday's someone.

There is no problem.

"What for do you work?" 

Someone, who works for money, may against the Basic income system.
Because they don't know Joy of work. They don't know that doing something for someone is a pleasure.

So they believe if everyone gets enough money to live, no one will work.

There is the other kind of person who may conclude against the basic income.

Also, employers, who use employees by only money, may against the basic income.
Their job doesn't have worth to do or significance in society.

If Swiss approve of basic income, in Switzerland, there remain jobs which have only worth to do, or importance in society, also, everyone works with pleasure.

There is no problem.


The most important thing is Swiss can decide their decision directly by themselves in a referendum.

In Japan, there are many controversial problems. For example "TPP" "Nuclear plant" and "right of collective self-defense".

I am envious of Swiss direct democracy.

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