I recommend you working holiday visa.

My friend asked me " How about Working holiday?"

Japanese young people (under 30) have a chance to work some countries with working holiday visa.
The visa allows us to stay and work in these countries.

For example Ireland, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, UK, Korea, Taiwan and so on.

I used the visa to go to Germany in 2013, and Ireland in 2015.

My answer is "Absolutely great"

It's not easy to survive in a foreign country,
We have to find room to live, job to earn money.

For me, the best thing to stay in abroad is the world becomes smaller.

In Ireland and Germany, I got many friends who are not the only "friend" on Facebook.

They come from many kinds of countries. Now I feel the world for real through my friends.

In Japan, I didn't have many chances to meet foreigners.

I felt many differences from Japan. Religion, culture, priority.
For example, In European countries, many restaurant and shops allow using the toilet only for their customer. In Japan, most of the places allow using it for anyone.

In Japan allow smoking in a restaurant and bar, but not allow to smoke in outside public space where there are many people. for example Street or in front of the station. Europe is opposite.

Anyway for me foreign countries living is always an exciting and fresh experience.

If you feel something uncomfortable, the experience is awesome as well.

I recommend these experiences.
You should feel it.
This difference is real.

Post UKreferendum "Stand together" in London

After 5 days from the referendum, over thousand people gathered at Trafalgar square in London.

The Event is "Stand Together"

In the aftermath of the EU referendum result, we Stand Together.

__What Is This?__

We created this event because we felt anger at the whole referendum process. That something so profound could be decided by something that there were so many flaws with.

After the result - as Remain voters - we felt our voices would no longer be heard. We feared that was it; that there would be no further discussion allowed for those who had voted Remain.

We feel that continued public engagement following the result is also a part of the democratic approach. We wanted to create a public space to begin that dialogue.

This event was shared people to people. Even though the Trafalgar square can hold 10,000 people, over 50,000 people would come to this event. So organiser disappointingly decided to cancel this event.

However, still many people still wanted to come there. 28. Jun After 17:00 even it was rain, many people came to the square.

I want my EU back

Colourful placards and umbrellas  

I filmed the atmosphere of the event. I explained the event in Japanese and interviewed a participant.


【Pic】"Love Is Human Right" London Pride 2016

「London Pride 2016」 

Love Is Human Right

"No Filter"

Mr, Elizabeth

More Fxxked off about Brexit.

The firefighter joined the parade.

Polices Joined as well.
Pretty baloons

Look this traffic light! walking two man. 

Only 2 days later from the referendum.
I think this festival is much bigger energy than referendum energy...


Cameron respects British decide, I respect him.

UK people decided to leave EU.

David Cameron held the referendum, and many people blame him for holding it.
I'm not a supporter of the conservative party. however, I think he is a great politician.
Because he asks the UK people about "Brexit" which their opinions were divided on the problem.
And he respects their decision.

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe moved forward anything even what Japanese majority against it, for example, a right of collective self‐defense even breaking constitution.

I envious UK people, they can decide important things like yesterday.

Japanese people doesn't have a chance to decide.

UK people face difficult times to get over Brexit shock. However, I believe they can do it because they choice themselves.

Scotland faces a different situation.

They should hold another referendum it makes sense.
I respect their decision, even I support it.

I visited Scotland in 2014 when the referendum held.
I think at that time the winds comes from the left. On the other hand this British referendum, the winds came from the right side.


Polling started at 7am in the heavy raining weather at London.

Polling started at 7am in the heavy raining weather at London.

Lucy who just voted answered my question.
"It's hard to decide, I decided a decision last night."

A man looks like an office worker who voted for remain answered,
"We need EU, It's an easy question. my answer is fixed over 10 years"

A man who voted for leave answered,
"EU commission has too much power and Unelected by people, in the EU, the UK can't handle our country"

19 years old guy who I met yesterday,
" I didn't register actually, I would do that"

Londoner rather remain more than leave.
I felt it as well, in my interview in a week in Lonon.

It's only more 8 hours to close polling station.

Eu referendum poll tracker results

No one knows a result. Tomorrow morning we can see it.


Leave group canvassing in London

In Japan, The Upper House elections campaign starts today. In the UK, its last day for campaigning on EU referendum.

Yesterday I covered Leave groups canvassing.

They knocked on the door and tried to spread their information.

Yesterday was a weekday, so Not many people are in their house.
However, some of them opened the door and talked.

If they didn't get an answer, they put a leaflet.

Some of the houses show their opinion to vote.

The left side of them is Lucy, she is a local council in this area.
She did already about 10 times canvassing.

The Right side of them is Joy, she organised yesterday's canvassing.
Usually, she canvasses weekends but the polling day is this week, so she did even on a weekday.
"UK should make connection with all over the world not only EU countries"


1 week before Voting in London

Yesterday I went to both campaign office,
The Electoral Commission in UK
and Japanese meetup.

This is a sign in front an entrance of Electoral Commission.
This is a cover of UK referendum leaflet.

"Vote Leave" placard.

There are also many flags of England, because now it holds "EURO16" soccer matches.

another "Vote leave" placard

There is an office of "Vote Leave" in this building "Westminster Tower"

"Remain EU" Campaign in the Thames.
Both boats met after this moment. 

”Brits Don't Quit"

Vote RemaIN!

There is office of "Stronger In" in this building "ERGON House"

I walked allday in London yesterday, I think its not a lot of poster or campaners on the roads. I compare London with Edingburgh and Osaka.

Edingburgh Scotland held referendum on Independent from UK and Osaka also held it on "Metroporis plan" At that time I saw many poster leaflets and people who gave informations.

However 2012 in Lithuania held referendum on "new nuclear power plant". I found only one poster in Vilnius the capital. Because the referendum held the sameday as Election. So political party forcus on their election.

Yesterday I took part in Japanese meet up in Lodon. I met some people who can vote in this referendum. 2 of them are going to vote "Remain" and the other one "Leave"

I met an old lady.
I was allowed to ask about her point of view
She will vote for "Leaving"
The most important reason is "Immigrant"

"The Immigrant earn money in Britain and they send money for their coutries, this makes Britain poorer. When UK got poor,  the Immigrants can go another coutries, but I can't. Britain is used to be Independent. Leving EU is just back for that time."


I arrived at London.

He is Chris who I met in front of a bakery.

He told me "Im sick of referendum" but he told me about his opinion to me.

He is thinking about which he should vote.

His many friends vote for leave but He thinks yet.

"Immigrat are too much, however Leave may cause a financial panic"

TV had great influence on his dicision.
Everyday he can see referendum Information.
He got also a lot of leaflets.

He gave me some of them.

I arrived at London, I will write about the referendum. 

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