Cameron respects British decide, I respect him.

UK people decided to leave EU.

David Cameron held the referendum, and many people blame him for holding it.
I'm not a supporter of the conservative party. however, I think he is a great politician.
Because he asks the UK people about "Brexit" which their opinions were divided on the problem.
And he respects their decision.

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe moved forward anything even what Japanese majority against it, for example, a right of collective self‐defense even breaking constitution.

I envious UK people, they can decide important things like yesterday.

Japanese people doesn't have a chance to decide.

UK people face difficult times to get over Brexit shock. However, I believe they can do it because they choice themselves.

Scotland faces a different situation.

They should hold another referendum it makes sense.
I respect their decision, even I support it.

I visited Scotland in 2014 when the referendum held.
I think at that time the winds comes from the left. On the other hand this British referendum, the winds came from the right side.

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