I recommend you working holiday visa.

My friend asked me " How about Working holiday?"

Japanese young people (under 30) have a chance to work some countries with working holiday visa.
The visa allows us to stay and work in these countries.

For example Ireland, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, UK, Korea, Taiwan and so on.

I used the visa to go to Germany in 2013, and Ireland in 2015.

My answer is "Absolutely great"

It's not easy to survive in a foreign country,
We have to find room to live, job to earn money.

For me, the best thing to stay in abroad is the world becomes smaller.

In Ireland and Germany, I got many friends who are not the only "friend" on Facebook.

They come from many kinds of countries. Now I feel the world for real through my friends.

In Japan, I didn't have many chances to meet foreigners.

I felt many differences from Japan. Religion, culture, priority.
For example, In European countries, many restaurant and shops allow using the toilet only for their customer. In Japan, most of the places allow using it for anyone.

In Japan allow smoking in a restaurant and bar, but not allow to smoke in outside public space where there are many people. for example Street or in front of the station. Europe is opposite.

Anyway for me foreign countries living is always an exciting and fresh experience.

If you feel something uncomfortable, the experience is awesome as well.

I recommend these experiences.
You should feel it.
This difference is real.

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